How to Use Tomato juice for Fairness and Glowing skin


You may have got beautiful facial features but still you need some fairness to highlight those features. Its true that uneven, dark patchy, dull and dark looking skin on you face can lower your confidence  especially if you in your teen years or your are a working professional  where having a fair and glowing skin can add some extra plus points in your professional skills. There is no need to spend a dime on those costly and ineffective skin whitening or skin lightening products just open your fridge and grab on or two tomatoes and that’s all you need to have  a glowing fair and flawless looking skin.

tomato for fair glowing face

Before moving on the beauty benefits of tomato for skin care and how to use tomato for fairness and glow let me tell you one thing – in order to get maximum benefits from tomato skin whitening treatment you have to use it in three ways  i.e eat it as a salad, drink its juice and use it as a face pack> this 3 tricks can make your skin fair and flaws free in couple of days like in a week or two. By following these tips you will get all the essential nutrients and antioxidants  which are said to be essential for healthy and fair looking skin.

Beauty benefits of tomato fruit in skin care | tomato for skin whitening benefits

Here are some tips that will give you idea on why using tomato can make your skin fair, healthy and glowing than even before.

Tomato is rich in skin friendly vitamin A that helps whiten, lighten and brighten the skin.  This vitamin is an excellent treatment for skin discoloration problems like dark spots, uneven skin tone and having dark complexion.

B vitamins of this fruit is beneficial in removing ageing related problems like weinkles, finelines and also plays a key role in new skin cells production theryby making your skin healthy and  and ageing free.

Vitamin C of tomato fruits helps produce new collagen theryby keeping yor skin elastic and tight.

Calcium present in tomato is helpful in  treating issues like dryness and flakiness. We all know that dry skin is more prone to darkness and dullness. So this is also an additional plus point of using tomato for fairness and glowing skin.

Potassium and magnesium of this red fruit plays in good role in keeping skin well moisturized and once you have moisture on your skin it glows naturally.

Anti ageing effects of tomato helps stave off ageing related issues so you’ll have younger looking skin for longer.

Lycopene found in tomato is said to have some sun protection properties that help protect your skin from harmful UV rays and skin cancer.

You know oily skin looks unattractive and dark. Acids present in tomato helps reudce the production of too much oil from your oil producing glands.

Above all, tomato is well know for its skin lightening or whitening effects so you can freely use it to make your skin fair and glowing.

Ways on How to use Tomato for Fairness and Glow | Tomato juice for Skin Lightening Some Remedies

Here we are going to use tomato home remedies for fairness but we shall also add some other natural ingredients in order to maximize the skin whitening effects of tomato.

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Single tomato skin Whitener

You can drink tomato juice daily to have fairer and even skin complexion from inside Or you can apply tomato paste on your face and other parts of your body to lighten them. After applying the paste, you should wait for at least 20 minutes before washing your skin with water Doing this daily will definitely give your skin an even and pale complexion.

Double action fairness  Paste

Using simply tomato paste will lighten your skin to some extent and will work for people with thin skin but if you a bit hard skin or your skin is too dark or your have very dark marks or uneven skin tone in that case you have to boost the skin whitening effects of tomato by adding some lemon juice in to it. So, mix tomato paste and lemon juice together. Apply the resultant paste on your face  and the areas you want to lighten. Wait for half an hour and lastly wash your face and skin with water. Use this mask on every day basis to have fair looking skin the natural way.

Sun tan remover Remedy

People suffering from sun tanned skin usually have problem like dark spots, uneven skin tone and dark patches especially of their forehead and neck area. Here you can a sun tan and skin lightener mixture prepared by mixing 2 spoons of tomato juice and 4 spoons of curd or buttermilk. Apply the mixture on your face and neck areas> use the remaining mix on you r hands or where ever you want to use it. Leave it on for about 25 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Do this every night before going to bed and I am use this remedy will remove your problem of tanning and uneven complexion.

Tomato fairness mask for Dry skin

If you have dry or normal skin, just blend one tomato and half avocado together. Apply it on your face and let it rest on for about 20 minutes then wash off. Use this remedy regularly to get soft, supply, glowing and fair looking skin.

Tomato Exfoliator Recipe

Tomato and sugar scrub is beneficial in dealing with problem like chicken pox marks, deep scars, black spots from pimples, acne marks, blackheads on nose and having rough dark skin on forehead, elbows and knuckles.  This scrub helps remove dark and dead upper layer of the skin, accumulated oils and impurities there by making  your skin clean, clear, soft  and fair.  All, you have to do is – mix two teaspoons of sugar in one teaspoon of tomato paste. Use this mixture to gently scrub your face (concentrate more on darker areas) for few minutes.  Allow the scrub to stay on for about 15 minutes and then wash your skin with cold water. Use this scrub twice every week to make your skin clear and even.

Tomato juice for itchy irritated and dark skin

Sun exposure and hot winds induces darkness of the skin can be easily corrected by applying a mixture made by combining one spoonful each of tomato juice, curd and oatmeal. Apply this mask on you sun burned and tanned skin. Wait for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. This mask will not only help you get even and fair complexion but also help combat problem like itchiness , redness and irritation.  To have suntan free face try to use this mixture thrice every week.

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Tomato and honey Fairness Mask for Dry Skin

Honey is known for its hygroscopic  effects which simply means it helps retain the moisture there by keeping your skin moist and hydrated. As you can see, this mask is notably good for  people those who have dark complexion and dry skin type. Mix paste of half tomato with one tablespoon of pure honey and slather this mix on your facial skin. Keep patience for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water. You can use this mixture on daily basis to have glowing and fair skin tone.

Tomato and cucumber for Big Pores

This mask contains two astrigent ingredients – tomato and cucumber so you can use mixture of both tomato and cucumber juice to reduce size of your facial pores and make your skin lighter and brighter. Just mix them both and use the resultant mix over your face.  If you want to clean your pores then simply mix one or two pinches of turmeric powder. This will help remove pimples causing bacteria there by keeping your skin clean and clear.

Tomato Juice and Chandan Powder

Here you can use either normal chandan or sandal wood powder or red sandalwood powder. Tomato when combined with sandalwood forms an excellent remedy for fair and flawless skin. So, in order to get that pale looking complexion juice mix chandan powder with tomato juice to make a smooth paste. Use this final paste on your face. Now, wait for at least 25 minutes and then rinse off. Use this mask on alternate day basis to have shiny fair skin.

Besan and Tomato Facial Mask

Besan or gram flour and tomato paste is also a time tested remedy for dull, dark and  skin with dead skin cells. Just make a paste  of these two ingredients  and slather it over your clean face. Wait for 25 minutes and then wash your skin with clean water.  Use this mask thrice a week to face lighter and clearer skin naturally.

Tomato with Papaya for instant fairness and glow

A mixture of tomato paste and papaya paste can also be used to get fair skin in minutes. Just apply the mixture and wait for 20 minutes before washing your facial skin. Use this mask daily to get real skin whitening results.

Tomato Multani mitti and Rice Flour Fairness Mask

Mix one spoon of rice flour and one spoon of multani mitti powder together. Now, add enough tomato juice to form a paste. Apply this mask over your face and wait until it dries. Now wash your face with water. This mask is a sue shot remedy for fair and even skin tone.

Tomato juice and coconut or olive oil for dark dry skin

Mix olive oil or coconut oil with equal quantity of tomato juice. Apply the resultant mix over your pigmented area of your skin like dark elbows, dark buckles, dark knees, and facial skin. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash with water. For maximum benefits use this mix as an overnight fairness lotion.

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Tomato Milk for Reducing Skin Pigmentation

Many skin experts suggest the use of liquid milk but here I would like to say that always use powder milk with tomato juice to get a good facial fairness treatment. In case you do not have milk powder in your home then simply use a mixture of tomato juice and milk (equal quantity).  To make and use you homemade skin whitening and pigmentation reducing treatment – all you have to do is to mix milk powder with enough tomato juice to make a thin paste. Apply this mask over your face and for at least 20 to 25 minutes before washing your face. Continue using this facial treatment on daily basis to achieve desired results.

Tomato juice and multani mitti Fairness face Mask Recipe

Multani mitti also known as fuller’s earth in English language. Use this clay to make you skin free of dark spots, black scars, marks of wounds, uneven skin complexion and for other  hyper pigmentation problems. This mask is especially good for oily skin, combination and normal skin. Take one or two tablespoons full of multani mitti powder. Now, add tomato juice, juice of half lemon and one spoon of gulab jal also known as rose water. Apply this pigmentation remover mask on your cleansed face. Wait until it dries completely and then wash off. Use this fairness recipe thrice every week to have fair, even and flawless skin complexion.

Tomato and Baking Soda FairnessMask

This mask is said to be effective in even out your skin tone by diminishing the appearance of dark patches, freckles, sun spots, black marks due to pimples or wounds.  Just mix a spoon full of baking soda with 2 spoon full of tomato juice. Apply a suitable layer over the skin and wash your face with water after 15 minutes. Use this tomato skin whitening remedy on an alternate day basis.

Tomato and almond combo Fairness Mask

Both almonds  and tomatoes  are well known for their skin whitening and fairness increasing effects. So, simply mix the paste of these two ingredients and apply the resultant mix on your clean face. Allow it to rest for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash off. Use this fairness treatment thrice every week for a month and have fair glowing and flawless skin in just 30 days.

Complimentary Fairness Tips

Follow this tips to whiten and lighten your skin naturally

Always use red tomato for skin whitening treatments.

Avoid tomato juice intake in cause your are dealing with kidney problems especially a problem  reoccurring kidney stone.

Do not use aforementioned masks  if your are allergic to tomato.

Always use sun protection before leaving your home .

Drink lot of water to stay hydrated because dehydrated and dry skin are more prone to darkness or skin discoloration.

Avoid using skin care products with toxic chemicals or irritants.

Lastly, drink tomato juice daily to get a good dose of skin friendly nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Also, use tomato in you facial skin care routine to have fair glowing skin in one or two weeks.