Himalaya Tentex Royal Capsule – Benefits, side effects, composition, price and how to take information


Are you dealing with mental stress, low confidence and embarrassed in front of your partner due to lack of erection and loss of interest in physical relations? If yes, just take tentax royal capsule for 2 weeks and be a superman on the bed again. Like viagra, tentex royal capsule does not show you instant results but we are sure that this herbal product will give you some good results overtime.  Himalaya’s tentex royal is a good herbal remedy for people those who are dealing with problems like low sperm count, lack of stamina, weak erection, low libido, male infertility,  low testosterone levels  etc. In this article we’ll take a close look on the composition, benefits and side effects of taking himalaya tentex royal capsule.

tentex royal

Tentex Royal Composition (Ingredients) and Benefits

Benefits of textex royal are attributed to the ingredients found in the capsules. We are going to discuss about the benefits a man will get after 2 weeks of tentex royal course.


Also, known as  Asteracantha Longifolia  is a well known aphrodisiac. It is  known to correct problems like low sperm count and decreased sperm motility. It is also beneficial in weak erection problem. It helps control blood sugar levels and that’s why it is helpful for those who are dealing with sexual problem due to diabetes.


Also known as sweet almond, is loaded with nutrients like zinc, selenium, and vitamin E. These minerals are vital for promoting sexual health and healthy reproductive system.

Selenium is helpful in correcting male infertility issues. While zinc mineral plays a key role in producing  male sex hormones that help boost  the male libido.

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Moreover, omega fatty acids found in vatada are helpful in maintaining good blood flow in the body thereby solving the problem of weak erection.


It is a potent herb for male sexual problems like infertility and low sperm count. It is helpful in increasing the levels of testosterone hormones in males without any negative effects. It is also a great remedy for increasing male stamina and vigor.

Kesar (Saffron)

Kesar  contain some powerful antioxidants which are helpful in increasing sperm production and sperm motility in infertile men. Moreover,  it also has powerful aphrodisiac properties that help increase interest in sex and help correct the problem of sexual dysfunction.


Gokshura is a good  testosterone boosting herb  that helps improve male power and stamina. It is also helpful in strengthening of the penile muscles thereby improving its erection and power. It  also helps maintain good sexual health and increase sperm production.


Safed musli is also famous for its aphrodisiac action. It is widely used ingredient for increasing sexual power and problems like low sperm count, loss of interest in sex and infertility,

Nagavalli – Piper Betle

It is a good remedy for sexual problems including  weak erection also known as penile weakness.

How to take (use) Tentex Royal Capsules

In order to use tentex royal you can take 2 capsules with milk or water every night before heading towards your bed or indulging yourself in physical relations. The best time to use this medicine is one hour before making any kind of physical relations. Also, try to take it with milk for best results.

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According to user based reviews, results and clinical trials,  one can use it for first two weeks to see some significant improvements. If you are getting good results then you can continue the intake of tentex royal for not more than 12 weeks means 3 months.

Tentex royal price

If you are buying this product from online site like angoor, ebay then you’ll get descent discount or else take it from any nearby medical store at fixed price – choice is yours.  You have to pay  approximately rs 135 for 10 tentex royal capsules.

Himalaya Tentex Royal Side effects

Himalaya claims that there are no side effects of tentex royal  however, one can have side effects or any type of allergic reaction from the ingredient present in this herbal formula . Also, ingredients found in this product may interact with the medicine your are currently taking for any illness or disease. So, here you have to be careful before taking these capsules. I would like to add one line – if you are taking any medicine, better consult your doctor before using tentex royal. Given below are some side effects linked with the ingredients present in tentex royal capsules.

Side effects of kokilaksha are very rare.

Like kokilakshan, sweet almond are also free of side effects when consumed in limited dosage.

Sunishannaka is also a safe herb.

Kesar – no known adverse effect.

Other ingredients of this products are also free from dangerous side effects and hence we can say that it is a good, safe and useful medicine for males.

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This was a short article about the review,  benefits, ingredients and side effects of himalaya tentex royal capsules. Many users are claiming that it is indeed a good product for men so you can also use it without any fear of negative or bad effects.