Nightfall (swapandosh) Causes, Ayurvedic Treatment Home Remedies

In this internet world a broad search is made by many people daily about swapandosh, also known as night fall or wet dream in English. Sexual night dreams and unintentional ejaculation is a problem which is faced by many people during their adolescence stage. Here you have to keep in mind that night fall once or twice a week is a normal process so, there is no need to feel embarrassed or tensed due to swapandosh problem. In this article, we are going to discuss about the main causes and ayurvedic home remedies for swapandosh treatment. So let us take a quick look on the culprits of swapandosh or night fall condition.


Causes of Nightfall or swapandosh

Frequent hand practice is one of the main culprit behind this problem.

Sexual dreams

Lack of sexual knowledge

Watching pornography and sexually explicit content

hormonal changes

Some facts about nightfall or swapandosh

Swapandosh is not a rare condition or disease


Frequent swapandosh doesn’t causes any erection problem

This condition is not linked with excessive hand practice.

Non veg food is not linked with this problem

If this problem is not too frequent then it will not hurt your sexual life.

It can be easily treated with some knowledge and ayurvedic herbs and medicines.

Symptoms Of Swapandosh  or night fall


Lack of mind power

Lack of blood or anemia

Testicular pain

Abdominal problems



Blurred vision

Hair loss

Sleep disturbance

Urogenital infection


Ayurvedic Treatment For Nightfall  Plus ayurvedic  Herbs for Swapandosh

There are many herbs and treatments in ayurveda that can treat your problem  without any side effect . One thing you ought to do is to make some changes in your lifestyle and follow some old age ramban remedies to cure your problem permanently.

Indian Gooseberry

Also, known as Indian winter cherry or ashwagandha is know to be the best ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of swapandosh. This herb helps

Increase the male sex hormones like testosterone and progesterone which are essential for male sexual health and stamina.

Decrease the occurrence of swapandosh.

Maintain good blood circulation in the male sexual organ and hence you will get better and long lasting erection.

Reduce mental and physical stress.

Maintain good hormonal balance.

Induce a good sleep.

So, we can say that ashwagandha is indeed a good natural remedy for wet dreams aka swapandosh . You can take it in the form of capsule, powder and tea .

Safed musli

Safed musli  helps strengthen the blood vessels and helps correct the problem of weak erection. It also help you stay relaxed, stress free and energetic and hence it is beneficial for the treatment of swapandosh in males. This herb is effective in problems like night fall, lack of stamina and dhat rog and that’s why it is one  of the main ingredient  of the ayurvedic medicine for nightfall.


Like safed musli shatavar is also a good medicine for nightfall poblem in boys. You can by this herb from any nearby herbal or ayurvedic shop.


Also known as horny goat weed is a Chinese herb that is said to be very useful in the home treatment of swapandosh. It also help curb the problem of mardana kamjori  (sexual weakness)and early emission. You can buy it online or from any good herbal shop.


Gokshura is helpful in treatment majority of sexual problems in males including quick discharge, night fall and weak erection. You can use it in the form of capsule, tea and tincture.

Oil of Peppermint

Peppermint oil is another useful home remedies for controlling the problem of swapandosh. This oil contains some substances that helps decrease the sensitivity of male sex organ thereby curbing the urge to ejaculate to early. Is is also a good remedy for early discharge problem.


Shilajit is a well known remedy for males issues like lack of sexual power, stamin, weak ereation due to anxiety or stress and poor circualtion. Taking shilajit for few days with milk helps cure wet dreams naturally.

Triphala Powder

Triphala  is a combination of 3 herbs – amla, baheda, and hadad. This powder is good for increasing immunity power as well as it improves males sexual health and blood circulation taking half tea spoon of this powder daily before bed will help you deal with nightfall problem.

Nightfall (Swapandosh)Home Remedies

Along with the aforementioned herbs, you can also use home based ingredients as a home remedy for nightfall problem.

Lahsun or garlic

Lahsun is easily- available, safe and effective remedy for many health problems including swapandosh. Eat 2-3 cloves of garlic daily with a glass of water for few days. This remedy will give you great relief from nightfall problem.

Curd or dahi or yogurt

Consuming yogurt or curd or chacch (butter milk) thrice daily will help maintain good digestion, proper bowel movements and avoid constipation. Also, it helps keep your body cool and hydrated and you know all these things are essential to prevent nightfall.


Eating alma murabba, amla candy and consuming a mixture of amla juice and water is an old age solution for nightfall issue.


Eat onion salad with your food. This will also help prevent wet dreams over time.


Drinking Anar or pomegranate juice regularly is also safe to be beneficial in controlling swapandosh.


Drinking milk mixed with almond paste and turmeric powder will also help control your swapandosh problem.


Drinking neem leaves tea is also said to be a great remedy for nightfall sufferers.

Bitter Gourd

Drinking half glass of karela juice 1 hour before bed can help prevent swapandosh.


Prepare a juice of 250 grams of Palak or spinach and have this juice early morning one hour before having your breakfast.

Diet to Stop Nightfall

Incude garlic and onion in to your diet.

Drink lot of water daily to keep yourself cool and well hydrated.

Avoid fatty, spicy and non vegetarian food as much as possible.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Avoid bad stuff like beer, alcohol, tea and coffee.

Some more tips to control swapandosh problem

Make a regular exercise routine and follow it with dedication. This will help keep all your bodily functions in health state.

Avoid hot beverages before going to bed.

Try emptying your bladder before heading towards your bed.

Avoid watching adult contents and try to keep your mind clear from all such erotic stuff.

Do meditation for a few minutes before sleep to keep your mind relaxed.

Stress and anxiety triggers nightfall so try to avoid these two things.

Eat healthy, balanced and easily digestible type of diet and avoid alcohol, tea and coffee.

Take bath before sleep this will help your sleep nicely.

Remove tight undergarments before going to sleep.


These are some ayurvedic home treatment for nightfall. You can try them to find which remedy is beneficial for you. Also, you can take an expert advice from urologist or certified ayurvedic professional to get rid of your swapandosh problem as soon as possible.


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