Protinex powder side effects or negative effects


Protinex powder is a well known protein supplement in India  wich  is used by millions of people no matter whether they are kids, diabetic or pregnant mothers as protinex is avaliable in various tastes, flavours and types  according to the age and needs of Indian consumers. Some people this powder to meet nutritional requirements like kids and pregnant mothers while some people use it for weight gain and body building. As you know, excess of everything is bad so  if you take this powder in excess then it will definitely cause some side effects. Here we will discuss about the disadvantages or negative effects of consuming protinex powder. But before that, we want to advice you to consult with your doctor before using any protein powder or supplement.

protinex side effects

Protinex powder Side effects (adverse effects)

If you are taking this powderin a right dose and you are not allergic to any ingredint found in this supplement  then there is no need to worry,  but excessive dose of this powder is known to cause several side effects explained below.

 Stomach Gas  Buildup

Allergy to protein and excessive intake of proteinx powder can give rise to problem like abdomain pain due to gas buildup in the stomach. This gas buildup is caused by the more nitrogen secretion during protein digestion. If you are not allergic to protein and still you complain of gassy stomach then include fiber, lots of water and probiotic rich foods like yogurt or curd in to your diet menu. Also, include herbs and spices like cumin, ginger, peppermint, garlic and cinnamon while preparing your food.  However, if your protein supplement is giving you a really tough time then better stop it and consult with your doctor.

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Weight Gain Problem

Excessive weight gain is another negative effect of protinex powder that you need to be aware of before consuming  this health supplement. Some people wants to gain weight or muscles without exercise and in this case protinex may increase their weight and fat content rapidly. Since protinex is loaded with lots of calories so taking this powder in excess amount and without workout with increase your weight. We recommend you to take this powder in limit and go for a regular exercise daily to burn excess calories. By this way you will gain and maintain ideal body weight without any side effect.

Kidney problems

Kidney problems including kidney stones and kidney faliure are other side effects of consuming excessive protinex powder. As you know, our kidney helps eliminate waste products in the form of urine from our body. Intake of too much protinex results in waste buildup in the body. In this case, kidneys are unable to eliminate these waste products which results in conditions like stones and even kidney faliure.

Indigestion or Digestive Problems

Taking lot of protinex powder will result in indigestion and if you are not taking an adequate dose of fiber then you  will have to face other digestive troubles like diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramps, heartburn nausea etc. You can avoid these problem by taking your protein supplement in moderation and including water and ample amount of fiber in to your diet.


Your body requires lots of water to metabolize protein and to flush out waste byproducts from the body. So consuming excess proteinx powder, doing workout  and not drinking ample amount of water will result in dehydration. Headache, burning urination, yellow urine, dry mouth are some common signs of dehydrated body.

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Liver damage

Some people think consuming excess quanitity of protinex will give them quick muscle mass and a perfect shape body. This is not a correct way to gain mucle mass and doing so puts a lotof burden on your liver. Liver is responsible for metabolizing protein and consuming excessive protein can have a negative impact on the liver.

Weak bones

Consuming high amount of proteinex is also responsible for weak bones and a condition called Osteoporosis. Back pain and frequent fractures are two common symptoms of osteoporosis.

Drug Interaction

Protein present in protinex powder can interact with your medicines especially those who are taking medicines for blood pressure. So, consult with your doctor before taking  poteinx powder with your blood pressure medicines.


Gynaecomastia or Chest Growth in Males

I was reading an online review and one guy is complaining about his abnormal chest growth also known as  Gynaecomastia. His doctor told him that this can be due to protinex side effect. So, do consult about this issue with your doctor before taking protinex.


Protinex powder is indeed a good protein supplements but still it can have some side effects like mentioned above. So, always take help of you doctor before choosing right type of dietary  supplements for you and your family members.