Why too much intake of Orange Juice is Bad for You? – Side effects of drinking excessive orange juice

As we all know, orange juice is extracted from the citrus fruit, orange. The orange tree was first originated in Asia, but now it is found in various tropical and subtropical places around the world. Juice of this fruit is widely used for the preparation of various beverages and dishes like jam, jelly, juice, candies, cakes and so forth. This juice is liked by people because of its health benefits and medicinal properties. Wide range of nutrients and healing properties give this juice an ability to boost immune system, enhance cellular functions, prevent premature aging, improve metabolism, cleanse the body, maintain healthy circulation, reduce weight, guard from cancers, quells inflammation, treat fatigue, decrease cholesterol and blood pressure. In this article we’ll read about the most common negative effects of consuming orange juice and will prove that why drinking this juice in excess is bad for your health. First take a look on the nutrition facts of this juice.

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Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

The health advantages of this juice can be attributed to its amazing nutritive content. Orange juice is blessed with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, thiamin, iron, potassium, calcium, folate, copper etc. It also contains fiber and protein. Cholesterol content of this juice is zero. Moreover, it also has antioxidants, trace elements and other nutrients that are essential for maintaining proper health.



Side Effects of Consuming Excessive Orange Juice

Vitamin C Overdose

Orange juice is abundantly packed with vitamin C. We need this vitamin to carry out various bodily functions. It is a water soluble vitamin therefore it is eliminated by our body. Hence, it is essential to take this vitamin on a daily basis. Many people drink too much orange juice in order to fulfill their daily need of vitamin C. Believe me, too much consumption of this juice may results in vitamin C overdose. A cup of concentrated orange juice contain approx. 97 mg of vitamin C. Take a look on the RDI of this vitamin.

Kids need 25 to 50 mg daily.

Teen girls need 65 mg while boys need 75 mg per day.

RDI for women is 75 mg while for men it is 90 mg daily.

Pregnant or Lactating Women needs 100 135 mg per day.

Tolerable upper limit of this vitamin for men and women is 2000 mg/day

If you are taking this vitamin through your diet then it won’t cause any adverse effects. However, if you are drinking excessive orange juice or using supplements then it may give rise to vitamin C overdose. Also, market based juice is rich in preservatives, artificial sweeteners and chemicals. So, consuming these types of juice can also lead to various other health problems.

People those who consume more than upper tolerable limit may experience negative effects like upset stomach, loose stools, acidity, mouth ulcer, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, giddiness , mental tension, skin rashes, muscular cramps, headache, bloated stomach, abdominal gas and fever. More than 6000 mg of vitamin C intake may results in major side effects such as sleeping problems, severe back pain, copper deficiency, liver problems, cobalamin vitamin depletion, tooth cavities, heart problems, iron poisoning, kidney stones (due to excessive absorption of calcium) and even cancer.

Diabetes Sufferers

Diabetes can affect anyone at any time of his/her age. Frequent urge to urinate, fatigue and increase thirst are some common symptoms of high blood sugar. If you are suffering for diabetes then you must consume foods that have a low glycemic index. Although, orange juice has a low glycemic index but too much intake of this can increase your blood sugar levels and can lead to a serious condition known as hyperglycemia.

Most people think that drinking lots of juice is an easy way to get essential nutrients in order to stay healthy and fit. Drinking orange juice is good but only if it is consumed in limited quantities especially for those who are facing a problem of high blood sugar. Large dose of orange juice can give rise to high-glycemic load (means excessive amount of carbohydrates at once) thereby quickly alleviating your sugar levels. Glycemic load below ten is considered as low. Any number between 11 and 19 should be considered as moderate and number above 20 lies in the high glycemic load category. 120 milliliters of orange juice has a glycemic load of 6 (approx.), while   480 ml of this juice has a glycemic load of 24 which is really very high. So, if you are a diabetic then you should avoid follow the rule of moderation and avoid drinking too much juice.  Neglecting or ignoring hyperglycemia can damaged your main body organs like eyes, heart, kidney, eyes, brain, skin, teeth and so forth.

Orange juice during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most awesome experiences for women. However, one needs to take extra care of what she is consuming in order to stave off pregnancy related problems. Vitamin C, when taken in limited amount, performs various bodily functions. Eating vitamin c rich foods is the best way to get recommended daily intake. Too much intake of orange juice during pregnancy may cause gastrointestinal problems like stomach pain, cramping, loose motion, acidity and so forth. This vitamin also quells the production of progesterone hormone which is responsible for miscarriage. So, avoid drinking lots of orange juice during pregnancy. If you have accidentally taken lots of vitamin c then drink lots of water in order to quickly eliminate it from the body and consult your gynecologist immediately.

Unstable Energy Levels

Our body needs energy for carrying out various bodily functions. We use this energy for performing our daily physical activities. We get this energy through our food and hence eating energy rich foods is the best way to maintain healthy energy levels. Some people also make use of energy drinks and juices to get an instant energy boost. Sometimes drinking these energy boosting drinks including orange juicecan also cause negative effects. Unstable energy level is the main side effect of consuming too much orange juice.  It is true that drinking this juice will give you an immediate energy boost but too much consumption will only result in high blood sugar thereby by decreasing your energy levels. So, always drink this juice in limit to stay fit and fine.

Weight Increment

Another negative effect of consuming high quantity of orange juice is weight increment and obesity. You know drinking this juice can result in high glycemic load and as a result your sugar levels will rise, but after some time this sugar level will decrease rapidly and this will result in low blood sugar. This lack of sugar in blood will increase your cravings for carbohydrates and you’ll definitely eat more and you know eating more and exercising less are the main causes of weight increment.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Orange juice has many digestion friendly properties. Drink limited quantity of this juice helps aid in digestion and also ward off various stomach problems like constipation, intestinal infection, colon cancer and various other problems. However, drinking excessive juice is said to be responsible for gastrointestinal issues like upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, bloating, acid reflux and so on. If you have taken plenty of orange juice, then drink more and more water to nullify its effect.


These were some side effects of drinking excessive orange juice. So, from now, drink and eat wisely and of course in limit to avoid aforementioned and other health related issues. Take help of a qualified dietician to know more about RDI and serving size of the food groups. Also, while selecting market available juice, you should read the label carefully. It would be better to avoid preservative and sweeteners laden juice as much as possible and use freshly squeezed homemade juice instead.


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