Shatavari Root Seed Powder Health Benefits and Side Effects


Shatavari or Indian asparagus or Asparagus racemosus is a popular medicinal plant of Ayurvedic medicine.  It is commonly found in Asia, Africa and Australia.  All parts of this plant are used in herbal medicine to cure wide range of health problems.  Roots of this plant are loaded with great medicinal values and that’s why they are used for medicinal purpose. Did you know? A single plant can produce approx. hundred roots. These roots are slightly sweet in taste. In ayurveda, these shatavari herb roots are dried and the resultant powder is used for curing various health conditions notably female reproductive system related issues.

shatavari advantages bad effects

Shatavari Medicinal Properties – Anti, depressant, anti-allergic, blood pressure lowering, anti-septic, inflammation fighting, cooling, diuretic, antispasmodic , laxative, body cleansing,  immunity boosting, hypoglycemic, nutritive and ophthalmic effects. Shatavari is also blessed with adptogenic properties it simply means that shatavari is helpful in dealing with mental and emotional stress.

Health Benefits of Shatavari  | How to Use Shatavari Information

Given below are some of the best health benefits of shatavati herb and some useful information on how to use this herb to get rid of health problems naturally.

Shatavari for Females

In ayurveda, this herb is used to improve fertility and vitality in woman. It is said to be very beneficial in boosting female reproductive health.

This herb is a good remedy for hormonal fluctuation. It is used to maintain normal hormonal levels in female.

It is highly beneficial in alleviating PMS and menopause related symptoms.

Due to its fertility enhancing properties, it is also helpful in treating ovulation and menstruation cycle related abnormalities and irregularities.

Anti-inflammatory properties of shatavari help eliminate the inflammation of the reproductive organs during periods.

It is a good herb for lactating mother as it helps increase the milk production and secretion. Consume tuber juice with clarified butter to increase milk production.

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Miscarriage and premature birth condition can also be easily prevented with this herb.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea or ‘clap’ disease can also be treated at home by taking root powder of shatavari with warm water daily.

This herb is also beneficial in the home treatment of leucorrhoea or white discharge condition. Simply extract the leaf juice and mix one teaspoon of it with a cup of milk. Drink it every night before bed.

If you are facing a problem of heavy menstrual bleeding then take a mixture one teaspoon of honey and 30 ml. of shatavari tuber juice. Take it daily to quell your issue.

Shatavari uses for Skin health and Skin conditions

This  herb  is fraught with anti ageing properties and according to one research saponins present in shatavar root are helpful in reducing the effects of free radicals on the skin there by keeping wrinkles at bay. Skin friendly effects of this herb help prevent  collagen breakdown there by keeping skin elasticity intact.

Both seeds and leaves of shatavari herb can be used to topically to get rid of various skin conditions like wounds, mumps, boils, pimples etc. Apply fenugreek and shatavari seeds paste on the affected area to treat mumps. When dealing with boils, boil leaves of shatavari dip them in ghee, apply this combination over the affected area to get some relief.

Gastro intestinal Health

Regular intake of Indian asparagus extract helps improve the digestion. It also helps guard against wide range of gastro intestinal problems like indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, ulcers, acidity, colitis, inflammation, infection and so forth.

Make root decoction of Indian asparagus. Filter it and add some honey to it. Drink it daily to keep indigestion at bay. It is also a good home remedy for taste disorder.

Heart burn or acid reflux problem can be relieved by taking equal quantity of tuber juice and water.

When dealing with stomach rumbling or gurgling, take paste made by mixing seed powder and honey. Take one teaspoon twice daily.

If nausea is bothering you then make a powder of shatavari seeds. Mix 25 grams of this powder with 100 grams of honey. Take one teaspoon of this mixture thrice a day.

If you have diarrhea then boil small tuber piece of shatavari with milk. Take 5 ml. of it daily.

For jaundice, extract 50 ml tuber juice and mix it with five grams of honey. Drink it twice daily.

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Heart Health Improvement

This herb can help you acquire a healthy heart. It lowers bad cholesterol and helps maintain healthy blood-cholesterol levels. This in turn helps improve the functioning and stamina of your heart. Drink a combination of tuber juice and honey to control high blood pressure.

Prevents oxalates  kidney Stones

Shatavari is rich in magnesium that helps prevent the deposition of of the crystals in that kidneys which are responsible for causing kidney stones and a problem of painful urination. Moreover, diuretic property of this  herb is helpful in dissolving the kidney stones and passing them through urine.

Infections and Fever

Shatavari root has cooling properties and hence it can be used to cure various types of fevers. It also has anti-bacterial and infection fighting properties.  People also use roots to get rid of typhoid and cholera induces fever.

Take one teaspoon of root powder of Indian asparagus with warm water to relieve the symptoms of fever.

Water Retention

This medicinal herb is also loaded with diuretic properties and therefore, it is effective in treating water retention. It is a perfect herb for those who are dealing with water buildup. This buildup is very common during menstruation and menopause so shatavari is notably good for women.

Asparagus for Stress Relief

Anti-depressant and stress relieving properties of this herb is beneficial in relieving stress and mental worries.


This herb is said to be highly effective in beriberi. Eat one cup of raw shatavari leaves daily.

Cough and Throat Irritation

Indian asparagus seed powder is also known for its cough relieving properties. They are also used to treat variety of throat related problems including throat irritation. Take one teaspoon of seed powder and mix it with 3-4 teaspoons of honey. Take this combination thrice daily.

Low Libido (In both Males and Females)

You can make use of this herb for a happy married life. The remedy is simple and also you have to do is to take one teaspoon of this herb with milk. Take it every night.

Shatavari benefits For Males

In males, the effects of this herb are similar to ginseng. It is very helpful in improving the reproductive health in males. It is effective in curing impotency, weakness and inflammation of reproductive organs.  It is also believed to be beneficial in conditions like oligospermia and asthenospermia.

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Rheumatism and Lower Back Pain

Rheumatism, gout, lower back pain can be easily cured by taking a combination of shatavari, cumin, carom and fenugreek seed powder. Mix all powder in equal quantities and take the resultant mix with warm water.

Shatavari Herb is a Good remedy for Depression 

Shatavari herb is  loaded with antioxidants and anti depressant properties  that helps improve the brain functions. Good brain function means no more depression and mental  or emotional problems.

Shatavari for Diabetes Control

Shatavai is indeed a good herb for those who are dealing with type 2 diabetes means high blood sugar. This awesome herb helps lower blood sugar and encourages pancreas to produce more insulin thereby keeping you blood sugar level in check.

Adverse Effects or  Side Effects of Shatavari herb | bad effects of shatavari

Every herb has positive and negative effects. You have already read about the positive effects of this wonderful herb. Though negative effects of this herb are rare but still it does have some adverse effects.  Some of them are listed below.

It can cause allergic reaction especially in those who are allergic to asparagus. Allergic symptoms of shatavari herb may include itchy skin, rashes, itchy eyes, respiratory problems, fast heart rate etc

It may cause adverse effects in people those who are taking diuretics or lithium medication. People with kidney disorder and edema should avoid shatavari. Also, avoid it if you are suffering from heart disease and lung congestion.

It may cause anxiety, weakness, light headedness and dizziness.

It may also cause nausea, flatulence and stomach problems.

Regular intake of this herb is said to cause weight gain in some people.

Shatavari is known for its hypotensive properties so, avoid it if your are on  blood pressure lowering medicines.

According to the ayurveda,  shatavari is one of the safest herb that one can even use during pregnancy and lactation. But, here we would like to request you that you ought to consult with your doctor before taking shatavari especially if you are a nursing mother or pregnant.

These were some health benefits of shatavari root and seed powder. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, this herb is also beneficial in kidney diseases, lack of energy, weak immunity, diabetes, bronchitis, IBS etc. Consult your physician or qualified herbal practitioner before using this herb for curing any health related ailment.