Sarpagandha herb benefits and Side Effects


Sarpagandha or Indian Snakeroot or Rauwolfia serpentina is a medicinal plant which is famous for its medicinal values. This herb has long been used to treat various diseases and disorders. The medicinal properties of this herb can be attributed to the presence of alkaloids, phyto-sterols, tannins, and flavonoids. This herb is commonly used to treat mental disorders like depression, panic attacks, anxiety and nervousness. It is also used to treat fever, constipation, colic, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery etc. Sarpaganfha is an evergreen plant which can be commonly found in India. Apart from India, this plant can also be found in china, Thailand and Indonesia. This herb is blessed with anti-hypertensive, sedative, anti-tussive, nervine, anti-bacterial, laxative and tonic properties. Some health benefits of sarpagandha are listed below.

sarpgandh benefits side effects

Benefits of Sarpagandha | advantages of Indian snakeroot herb


Sarpagandha for High Blood Pressure

According to ayurveda, rauwolfia herb is highly beneficial in the treatment of high bloof pressure. This herb help maintain the normal heart rate and it also dilates the blood vessels thereby controlling the blood pressure. If you are also dealing with this condition then take a pinch of sarpgandha powder with a glass full of water twice daily. Another option is to mix half teaspoon each of misri (sugar candy), coriander powder and snakeroot powder. Take half to one teaspoon of this powder daily.

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 Sarpagandha for Insomnia cure

Regular intake of this herb is said to be beneficial in the cure of insomnia. This herb is popular for its sedative so take it daily to induce a peaceful good night sleep.

 Skin Problems

Sarpagandha herb is also helpful in treating skin problems like acne, hives, sunburn, insect bites and skin infection. It has soothing and healing effect so it can be applied topically on the skin to treat skin related issues.

 Antibacterial Effects

Snakeroot plant is rich in anti-bacterial properties.

 Uterine contraction

Uterine contraction properties of snakeroot herb can help induce labor pain. Consult with an ayurvedic medicine expert before taking this herb during pregnancy.

Sarpagandha for Vertigo

This herb can also be used to cure giddiness, vertigo and motion sickness. Too much intake of snakeroot may also cause vertigo so consult your physician before using this herb for vertigo.

 Sarpagandh for Mental Problems

 Snakeroot herb is a nervine tonic. It is effective in treating stress, anxiety, depression, mental worries, insanity and hysteria.

Insanity Treatment

One gram of snake root powder should be taken twice with milk to treat insanity at home.

Hysteria Home Cure

Mix equal quantities of snakeroot and spikenard powder. Take quater teaspoon of this mixture twice daily.

Menstrual problems

Menstrual problems such as pain, cramps and discomfort can be easily treated with snakeroot herb. All you need to do is to mix equal quantities of snakeroot and cubeb powder. Take quarter teaspoon of this mixture twice daily.  Avoid this remedy if you are pregnany.

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Snake Bite

This herb is also useful in the treatment of snakebites however you should take the patient to the nearby hospital as soon as possible.

Side Effects of Sarpagandha

Regular intake of this herb may result in electrolyte depletion.

Too much intake may cause stomach cramps, vertigo, low blood pressure, water retention, GI problems and dullness of mind.

It may cause mental depression.

It may also cause nasal congestion.

Increased appetite and weight.


When to avoid sarpagandha?

Avoid snakeroot if you are:

Taking medicines for cold and flu.

Taking appetite suppressants.

Drinking alcohol. It may cause serious adverse effect.

Taking digitalis glycosides

Taking levodopa

A pregnant or lactating mother.

It should not be given to small children.

These were some benefits of sarpagandha for health. Take an expert advice of your doctor before using this herb to treat any serious health related condition.