Red Sandalwood Powder Uses, Benefits and side effects for facial skin care

Even a single natural ingredient can help you acquire flawless and glowing skin tone. One such ingredient is red sandalwood powder or lal chandan or rakta chandan. Indian people use this powder to prepare several skin care recipes like face packs and other remedies to treat their skin issues such as pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes, itchy and irritated skin, sunburn and several other aging skin related problems. Apart from this goodness, it is also an effective skin fading agent that you can use to get rid of skin pigmentation related issues.

lal chandan

Here we are going to use it to beautify the facial skin and one of the simplest ways to do so is to mix some water in it to make a paste. You can also increase the effectiveness of your facial treatment by using some other natural ingredients with this powder such as milk, honey, green gram flour, rose water, lemon juice etc. Given below are some benefits and uses of red sandalwood for facial skin.

Benefits of Red Sandalwood Powder for Face | How to use Rakta chandan for face

To Get Instant Glow on Your Face

This is one of my favorite recipes which I use on a weekly basis to beautify my skin complexion. It is ideal for people those who crave for flawless and radiant beauty. All you need to do is to mix two and a half tablespoon of coconut milk with two and a teaspoon of rakta chandan powder. Finally, add one and a half tablespoon of almond oil to get a smooth paste. Smooth it on your face and remove it with cold water after 25- 30 minutes. A simple mixture of red sandalwood powder and rose water is also an instant remedy for glowing skin. But, first recipe is awesome. It will take some time to gather those ingredients but again its worth trying.


Chandan for Wrinkles

As you know, red chandan is fraught with cleansing and anti-aging properties. These properties help keep several problems caused due to premature aging like fine lines and wrinkles at bay. So, if you are tired of using those costly wrinkle removal creams then give red chandan a try and feel the difference in the tone and texture of your skin.

You can easily erase those unattractive wrinkles by using your own anti-wrinkles facial mask. Here are three powerful recipes for you.

Start with first recipe and for this combine two teaspoon of chandan with strong one teaspoon of chamomile tea to make a thick paste. Slather this paste on your face and wait for a few minutes before rinsing. This is a cooling remedy that can soothe and heal your skin so it is also beneficial for the treatment of sun damaged skin. This is a great anti-aging recipe too.

Make your second recipe by mixing chandan powder with glycerin and rose water. You can use this remedy to remove wrinkles from your face safely and naturally.

Make your third mask by mixing rakta chandan powder with cabbage juice. Apply this mask and wait till it dries. Wash off and have fresh, tight and younger looking skin.

Flaws Erasing and Nourishing Mask

Here we are going to make a mask that not only remove flaws from your skin but also nourish it. Flaws means imperfections, like acne marks, acne, blemishes, dark spots, dark patchy skin, uneven skin tone and so forth. You can easily get rid of these all problems with a single recipe which is prepared by mixing about half teaspoon each of neem and sandalwood powder and two teaspoons of besan (gram flour) . Add rose water in the mixture and spread it on your facial skin. Allow it to rest on for about half an hour and then wash it off with cold water.

You can also nourish your skin by mixing chandan powder with your body oil ( herbal one).

Red Sandalwood for Acne Control and Treatment

Here we have to use the ingredients that are known to have anti-bacterial or anti-microbial properties like red sandal, turmeric and neem. Mix equal quantity of neem leaves and chandan powder. Add a pinch of turmeric and if you have excessive oily skin then add few drops of lemon juice. Finally, add rose water to make a paste. Spread this anti-acne mask on the affected areas. Keep it on for a few minutes and then remove it with water.

Rakta chandan when mixed with tomato juice makes an awesome remedy for acne and acne marks. Regular use of this mask will fade away those ugly looking black spots within few weeks.

.Massage Your Skin

Mix a little quantity of chandan powder with olive, almond, mustard or coconut oil. Use the final liquid to massage your skin. This will help soothe and cure dry, itchy, inflamed and irritated skin naturally. Improved blood circulation from massage will help you get red glow on your skin.

Skin whitening Remedies – face packs for fair glowing skin

All time Favorite Remedy

If you are dealing with the problem of hyper-pigmentation like dark  marks, dark patches, sun tanned skin or any other pigmentation related issues then make a paste of red chandan powder, lemon juice and rose water if you have oily skin and if your skin type is dry then you can go for sandalwood powder, milk and rose water. Apply and wash it after 25 minutes. You can also use cucumber juice instead of using lemon or milk.

Almond Paste

Sandalwood and almond paste is time tested remedy for pigmentation removal. All you have to do is to soak some almonds in water for overnight. In the morning, prepare a paste of those wet almonds and mix them with chandan powder. Add some lemon juice and honey into the mixture and spread it on your skin. Wait for 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

Butter Milk Remedy

Butter milk has skin toning and healing properties. It also has mild exfoliating effects. You can mix it with rakta chandan to get a slow but effective skin fading mixture. Use it thrice every week to see some good results.

Black Gram Flour

Here is another skin bleaching recipes- mix 2 teaspoon each of chandan and black gram powder. Add some milk and honey to form a pasty mixture. Apply the paste on the pigmented area and allow it to rest on for about an hour. Wash with lukewarm water.

Fair and Flawless Skin

Make skin lightening and tightening mask by combining multani mitti (fuller’s earth), chandan powder and rose water. Use this mask 4 times every week to get flawless skin at home.

Uneven Complexion

You can even out your dark patchy skin by applying a mixture of four tablespoon of coconut milk, two teaspoons of almond oil and four teaspoons full of red sandal. Apply it and let it stay on for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash properly with cold water.

Blackheads Remover

Are you dealing with stubborn blackheads on nose, face, chin or any other body areas? If yes then simply mix red sandal powder with rice powder and add little water to form a paste. Use this exfoliating mask to scrub the affected area. Leave it on for few minutes and then remove it with water using gentle circular motions. Another exfoliation mask recipe is a mixture of mashed papaya and red sandalwood.

Suntan Soother

Sun rays are known to cause sun burns and suntanned skin. You can easily soothe and heal your skin by mixing red chandan with curd and cucumber juice. This mixture is an ideal remedy for suntanned skin.

Eliminate Skin greasiness

Oily or greasy skin is responsible for causing pimples, blackheads, clogged pores and so forth. You can eliminate excessive oiliness by making and applying a mask of red chandan and lemon juice. Apply it for some time and the rinse with cold water.Do this on alternate day basis to have soft and oil free skin.

Summer Complains

Itching, irritation, sunburn, rashes and skin infection are some common complaints during summer season. Antimicrobial of rakta chandan will deal with skin infection where as cooling, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties will help calm down the irritation and inflammation. A combination of red sandalwood, rose water and cucumber juice can be used to deal with scorching summer. Red chandan is also an effective remedy for body odor.


Red sandalwood remedies for common skin problems

  • Boils can be cured by sprinkling red sandalwood powder on the affected site twice a day.
  • If your skin got damaged and irritated due to the side effect of any skin care product then simple apply red chanadan paste over the affected skin.
  • You can easily get rid of inflammed skin by simply applying rakta chandan paste on the affected site.
  • Make an anti wrinkle mask by mixing red sandal powder, some glycerine and rose water. Apply this mask evenly on your facial skin, wait for 20 minutes and then wash off. Use this mask daily for 15 days.

Side effects of Red Sandalwood Powder

Although, the use of red chandan is quite safe on the human skin but, stop its use if you see notice any sign of irritation on the skin. It may cause itching or irritation in people with extremely sensitive skin. Other side effects are still unknown so, you can freely use it on your skin.

Where to buy Red Chandan?

Rakta chandan can be bought from any nearby ayurvedic shop. You can also order it online from a reputed online store like flipkart and ebay.

As you can see, there are many advantages of using red sandalwood in facial skin care. So, use it acquire flawless, radiant and younger looking skin naturally


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