Manjakani or Majuphal (Oak gall) Health benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Manjakani or Majuphal is also known as oak gall or oak apple or gall nut in English. This gall nut comes from oak (Quercus infectoria) tree. The oak tree is approximately four to six feet in height and is loaded with shrubby stems and smooth shiny green leaves. This tree is found in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian, European and Middle East countries. These oak galls are formed due to a chemical reaction which takes place when gallwasp penetrates the bark or leaf of Ouercus infectoria plant. Oak gall is known for its medicinal uses and hence it is widely used in ayurvedic and herbal medicine.

gall nut

Manjakani is blessed with digestive, astringent, cooling, anti-microbial, anti- fungal, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, febrifuge, haemostatic, tonic and lots of other properties. These properties make majuphal an effective ingredient for wide variety of health problems including digestive issues, feminine issues, oral problems, skin and other health problems. It is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, tannins, calcium and protein. Want to know more?  Given below are some excellent health benefits of Majuphal, Read them and increase your knowledge about this wonderful natural ingredient.

Manjakani Benefits, Medicinal Uses and Remedies

Excellent For Digestive Health

Since gall nut is blessed with digestive properties hence it is beneficial in promoting and maintaining digestive health. It aids in digestion and helps treat various gastro-intestinal issues. It is constipative by nature means it is a natural stool binder and hence it is good for correcting diarrhea and dysentery. In South India, mothers and grannies make a herbal medicine known as Urai Marundhu  and give it to their infants to relive problems like gas, lack of sleep, vomiting, indigestion, chest congestion, stomach ache etc. Majuphal is the key ingredient of this herbal preparation. It helps correct gastric problems, intestinal ulceration, lack of appetite and boost up the digestion process. The rest of the ingredients of urai marundha are nutmeg (jaiphal), inknut, sweet flag, sonth (dry ginger) and snap ginger.


Teeth, Gums and Oral problems

Myriad oral or dental problems can be easily prevented and treated with majuphal and which is why top dental care companies incorporate it in their products such as dental powders, herbal toothpastes, mouth washes and gargling solution. Manjakani is helpful in teeth strengthening, relieving gum problems and treating oral infections. Moreover, it is also beneficial for treating bad breath, cavities and bleeding gums.

Gall nut decoction can be used as a gargle to get rid of sore throat, throat infection, loose gums, tonsillitis, and many other oral issues. Just boil manjakani powder with water for few minutes. Strain it and use it as a mouth wash. Keep the left over solution in your fridge for two or three days.

A paste made by rubbing oak gall on stone is highly beneficial for curing mouth ulcers. Apple the paste on the affected area daily until your ulcer disappears. This paste is quite safe and can be freely used for small kids as well.

“Daant vajar ho jate hein majuphal ke sang” Many aged people know this old Indian saying. It means oak gall can help you get strong teeth like stone. So, include it into your dental care routine to have white and strong teeth.

Skin care Benefits

Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, astringent and infection fighting properties of oak gall help in solving out variety of skin issues like skin infection, cuts, wounds, large pores, excessive bleeding, eczema, impetigo, ringworm, saggy skin and so forth.

Since this herb has great astringent effects, hence it is quite helpful in dealing with open pores and loose skin. Apply manjakani decoction on the skin to reduce pores size the natural way. This remedy will also help you achieve firm and smooth skin. It is also said to be effective in preventing acne and infections. Use this solution to wash your face daily to have clear and bright skin. Anti-oxidants present in majuphal are helpful in dealing with premature ageing. The decoction can also be used to stave off greasy and dry skin. Boil oak gall powder with water. Strain it and use this healing, anti-fungal and anti-septic solution to wash or clean wounds and cuts. This remedy will speed up the wound healing process and prevent further infection.

Feminine Problems

This herb is an excellent god gift for variety of feminine issues including loose vaginal muscles notably after childbirth, chapped nipples, leucorrhoea , prolapsed uterus, menorrhagia (excessive bleeding during period), postpartum infection, bone pain after delivery and PMS symptoms like cramps, blood clots and total absence of period. There are two options that you can use to treat your problem. You can either use market brought manjakani pills, capsules, gel, cream, sticks, washes and douches. Or, make your own natural remedy at home under the guidance of a certified ayurvedic doctor. Some of commonly used remedies are listed below.

Make an effective wash for your genital area by boiling powder of two medium sized majuphal with one liter of water. Boil it until the liquid changes its color. Stain the liquid and use it to wash your genital parts. Follow this remedy with Kegel and yoga exercises to get best results. This remedy will help tighten the vaginal muscles. It is also great for removing unpleasant odor or smell and itching from the private parts. Furthermore, it is quite helpful in treating fungal and bacterial infection if any. To get maximum benefits soak one tampon in this liquid and insert it in your private part. One can also use manjakani based gels, washes and douches for this purpose but homemade remedy is really easy to make and use.

A mixture of manjakani and alum powder is tied in muslin gauze and inserted into private part to treat prolapsed uterus. It is also good for curing leucorrhoea (white discharge) and menirrhagia.

Drinking oak gall concoction is also said to be helpful in correcting wide variety of feminine problems.

Have Black Hair Naturally

No need to irritate your scalp skin with market bought chemical based hair dyes. Majuphal can be also used as a hair dye to get black and thick hair naturally.

Nose bleeding

Nosebleed is a fairly common condition that can be controlled easily. There are two types of nosebleeds i.e. anterior or front and posterior or back nosebleed. Front nosebleed is fairly common and can be controlled using home based cures. Manjakani is rich in blood-clotting agents and hence it can be used to treat or cease nosebleeds. Consult your doctor in case of posterior nosebleed because it’s not a common condition.

Sagging Breasts

There are many causes of sagging or loose breast. But there is nothing to worry about because majuphal or gall nut is fraught with tightening properties. All you need to do is to make a concoction of this herb and have it twice every week. This remedy will solve your problem without using costly creams and other medical treatments.

Other Benefits of Manjakani

Asthma and Diabetes Control

This herb is loaded with expectorant properties and therefore is can be used to treat asthma effectively. Gallic acid present in majuphal is effective in curing diabetes. Prepare manjakani tea and have it to relieve asthma and diabetes the natural way.

Ringworm and Alopecia Cure

In Unani medicine problems like ringworm and alopecia are treated by soaking oak gall in vinegar and applying the resultant remedy on the affected site.

Piles and Prolapsed Rectum

Decoction of majuphal is used to treat pile or hemorrhoids, anal fissures and prolapsed rectum.  Wash the area with this decoction or include this decoction in sitz’s bath to get some relief.  Oak gall powder is also used to prepare an ointment for these painful problems.

Healthy Eyes

This herb is helpful in maintaining healthy eyes and good vision.

Cancers Prevention

Antioxidants present in this herb helps prevent different types of cancers notably cervix and breast cancer.

Antidote Effect of Gall nut

Majuphal is also used as an antidote for various plant poisons.

Hiccups Remedy

Mix equal quantities of black pepper, camel thorn, long pepper, orris root, oak gall, nutmeg and ginger. Powder these ingredients and have half to one teaspoon of this powder with honey once every day.

Where can you buy manjakani or majufal?

In India you can buy manjakani from any spice merchant also know as pansari. If you are not from India then you can order it on online site like amazon. You can also get it from nearby herbal stores.

Other Names

In Bengali it is known as Majoophal, Punjabi people call it maju, Kannada name is Machikaai or mapalakam and masikkai in Tamil. In Sanskrit it is called mayaphal and masikayi in Telugu.  It also has a lot of other names according to the geographical locations.

Side effects of Majuphal

You have already read the aforementioned health benefits and medicinal uses of majuphal or manjakani. Now, let us learn about the possible side effects of this useful herb.  First of all, avoid excessive consumption of majuphal as it may results in Gastro-intestinal problems like stomach ache, stomach irritation, constipation, gas and so forth.  This herb is rich in tannins and consumption of this tannin rich herb may also result in nose or throat cancer. Pregnant ladies must avoid the use of manjakani as it may cause miscarriage. Also, avoid it if you are lactating mother. Use of this herb is not safe during period. In cause of adverse effects, consult your physician immediately.


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