Japani oil (tel) for Males – How to use process, benefits and side effects


Every man wants to perform well on bed and this is the only reason that provokes every man towards products like oils, pills and other devices. Use of oil is said to be the safest method when it comes to increase stamina, power and size of male reproductive organ (peni). One such good massage oil for men is japani oil also known as japani tel in Hindi.

japani tel

We all know, hectic  life, poor life style habits, smoking, drug abuse, alcohol, unhealthy diet, day to day stress are some common reasons which are responsible for various health related problems in men. One such problem is impotency due to weaker erection. Japani oil  is a sure shot remedy for curing erection problems and lack of sensitivity in male reproductive organ. Here we are going to learn about the ingredients, benefits and side effects of using japani tel for men.

Japani Oil Ingredients and there Benefits for Males

Japani oil is not simply an oil but it is a mixture of various herbs and oils that help strengthen the male reproductive organ. Regular massage with japani oil is said to be beneficial in the treatment of various sexual problems like ED, impotency, low testosterone, low sex drive, male impotency and so forth.  Here are the main ingredients of japani oil.

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This is a miracle herb for males as it is loaded with strong aprhodisiac  effects. Akarkara is siad to be beneficial in the treatment of low drive, weak libido and premature ejucalation. This herb also help increase the levels of testosterone hormone in males and you also know this hormone is helpful in improving stamina and sexual power. Moreover, akarkara is a good herbal remedy for problem like ED and weakness of male reproductive organ.



Also known as  Jyotishmati ,  is a well known herb for the treatment of male issues  like ED, lack of energy, impotence and weak erection. This herb possess aphrodisiac, erectogenic and stimulant properties and hence it is a perfect herb for  variety of male sexual problems.



Also known as Saffron in English, is a sure shot remedy for variety of sexual problem including penile weakness and weak erection. It helps improve the blood circulation in male private part thereby making it harder and stronger. Along with japnai oil massage you are advised to drink kesar milk every night in order to get all its benefits and to perform longer on bed.


Laung aka Clove is English is known for its testesteron boosting effects and  aprhodisiac  properties. In japani oil clove is known to promote sexual performance and reduce shighrapatan i.e PE. It helps make you achieve harder and stronger erection. Along with japani tel, better have some cloves daily to get all these benefits.

These four are the main ingredients of japani oil moreover harttal, olive oil and sesame seed oil are also found in this male enlargement massage oil.

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Japani Oil Benefits for Men

Stronger shaft Naturally

Ingredients present  in this massage oil are helpful in maintaining stronger and rock solid erection. They also help cure problems like weakness of the male private part and make it more powerful.  In short, you can cure your problem of impotency caused due to weakness of your penis.

Long and strong Peni

Regular application and massage with japani tel is said to be beneficial in promoting length and girth of your shaft. So, if your are embraced or unhappy with your shaft’s size then give japani oil a try.

No More Shighrapatan (PE)

Producers of this oil claim that japani oil helps calm the penile nerves and this helps normalize the sensitivity of male organ and as a result you can perform longer on bed without any fear of premature ejaculation.

Low Sexual Drive

There are many physical and mental reason that can affect the sexual desire of males. No problem! this oil can help solve your problem of low drive and make you sexual active again.

Sexual  weakness

Low stamina, lack of energy , and low desire are some common symtoms of male weakness. You can improve this condition by massaging your private part with japani oil.

Side effects of Japani Oil

Company claims that there are no side effects of this oil because it is an ayurvedic product. In order to prevent side effects you need to use an original product. Also, do not apply this oil if you are allergic to any components listed above. Moreover, you should not use this oil if you have cuts, wounds and infection on your private area. We advise you to consult a urologist before using this oil.

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How to use Japani oil Process – step by step

Using japani oil or japani tel is a simple process that dosen’t require any rocket science and all you need to is to take few drops of japani oil and massage it on your private part in upward and downward direction. This massage should be done for a few minutes when your shaft is in resting position. Also, you have to do this massage twice daily means in the morning and at night before bed.  I know some of you might be thinking about “for how low you should use this oil “. You can use it for 15 days or more depending on your problem. For usage details, please contact an ayurvedic  vaidh or herbal expert.

Japani Oil Price

The price of japani oil depends on whether  you are purchasing it online or offline. It is a good idea to purchase it from your nearby medical store.

This was a short review about the composition, advantages and adverse effects of using japani oil. If you have more questions about this oil then write them in a comment below to get an expert advice from our expert panel.