How to Get White Nails Naturally with Home Remedies

Why to spend your hard earned money on costly nails lightening products and treatments. One can simply use home available ingredients to get rid of yellow and discolored nails naturally and easily. One of the wisest ways to acquire healthy and white looking nails is to make and follow a good nail care routine. Plus, you should also consider giving some rest to your nails by limiting the use of harsh nail care products like nail polishes. Given below are some natural ways to get rid of yellow looking nails at home.

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How to whiten nails at Home

In this section, we are going to use various home remedies by using different natural ingredients. You can choose one best remedy according to availability of the ingredients.


Lemon Juice for nail whitening

This is my favorite method because lemon juice is loaded with natural whitening agents. So, according to me this would work best for you too. The remedy is simple and all you need is juice of fresh lemon. Put this juice in a small glass bowl and soak your nails for five minutes. When you are done then wash your hand with lukewarm water and then apply a good quality hand lotion to give them their lost moisture back. This remedy will make then shiny, strong and soft.

Apply some Baking Soda

Application of paste prepared by combining baking soda and water is also said to be beneficial in nail lightening process. Just apply it and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Do not forget to massage the area with olive oil almond oil. These oils will help moisturize your figure tips. Try this remedy once or twice every week.

Hydrogen Peroxide Nail Lightening Remedy

Some people also use a mixture of one and a half tablespoon of baking soda with half a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Mix these ingredients together in a small bowl and apply this mixture on your tips with the help of a small cotton ball. Allow the mixture to sit on for about five minutes and then rinse the area with water. Use olive oil to give them their lost hydration level back. Use this treatment on a weekly basis.

Get Help From Your Toothpaste

Toothpaste not only makes your teeth whiter but also you can use it to get white nails as well. Use an old brush to apply the toothpaste on your nails. Wait for about five minutes and then wash the area with water. Use this remedy five times per week.

Whitening with White Vinegar

You can also make use of white vinegar to cure yellowish tint of nails. Add some drops of vinegar in a bowl of warm water. Soak your tips in this solution for about 10 minutes.

Tea Tree Oil

If your problem is due to fungal infection then you can use tea tree oil. Dilute it with olive oil and apply it on the problem areas.

Denture Tablet

Add a tablet in lukewarm water and soak your fingernails for a few minutes. Use this remedy 3-4 times per week until you see some positive results.

Use Alcohol to whiten your Nails

Consumption of alcohol is linked with yellow nails but topical application of alcohol helps lighten the yellow ting from your nails. Apply alcohol on your nails twice daily. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash them properly and moisturize them.

Onion Juice

Applying onion juice thrice daily helps lighten the nail discoloration.

Vicks Vaporub

Apply some vicks on your clean nails massage for few minutes and then wash off to et amazing results


Add 2 tablespoons of listerine in one cup of water. Soak your nails in this mix for a few minutes. Do this regularly to get white and shiny nails.

Garlic mask for nails

If the culprit behind you yellow nails is fungal infection then juice apply garlic paste mask on your nails> wait for 10 minutes and then wash. Use this remedy twice daily to get fast results.


Tips to Prevent Yellow Nails in Future


  • Avoid too much use of harsh nail care stuff.
  • Include iron, zinc, protein, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B rich food sources in to your diet menu.
  • Massage the nails at night before heading towards your bed. You can use coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil for massaging purpose. This massage will help keep them moisturized and soft.
  • Try not to keep your body dehydrated. Stay hydrated by drinking lot of fluids like juices and water. Beside this, stay away from dehydrating causing substances like coffee, alcohol, tea etc.
  • Not applying a clear nourishing base coat under the nail polish can also make your nails more prone to brittleness and yellowness.
  • Smoking is another cause which is responsible for yellow fingernails. So, you should quit this bad habit.

These were some top home remedies to whiten yellow nails naturally at home. If you are using anything else to whiten your nails then please let us also know about it.


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