Incredible health benefits of Sabja or Tukmaria Seeds (Sweet Basil Seeds)

If you are from India then you must have tried falooda ice cream or cold falooda lacha. I love falooda ice creams with cherry. But, what is this flooda anyways? Its nothing but soaked sweet basil seeds also known as sabja or tukmaria seeds. In Asian countries these sabja seeds are used to prepare variety of desserts and drinks. When you soak the seeds in water they form a soft jelly like structure. This mucilaginous layer can be added to juice, milk, jelly, lemonade, bakery items etc.

sweet basil seeds

Nutritional Fact and Medicinal Properties

These sweet basil seeds are amazingly packed with various health friendly nutrients like vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, K, B6, calcium, iron and magnesium.  They are also rich in protein, omega3-fatty acids and enzymes.  They are low in calorie and hence you can use them in your weight loss diet menu. Sabja seeds also possess medicinal effects like anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, infection fighting, carminative, cooling, digestive, anti-aging, antimicrobial, anti-pyretic, diaphroetic , aphrodisiac, stimulant, diuretic, antidote and detoxifying properties.

Top Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Sabja /Tukmaria Seeds


Sabja for Weight loss


There are many reasons to include sweet basil seeds in your weight loss diet menu like

they contain negligible calorie content

they help reduce appetite

they help reduce food carvings

they are free from fats

The simplest way to use these seeds for weight loss is to consume two spoons of tukmaria and drink a glass of water. Water will help expand them in your stomach and you’ll get a feeling of fullness and hence you’ll eat less that means no more weight gain woohoo. You can also consume them with yogurt, juice (not sweet) and butter milk (fat free).

Cooling Effects on the Body

Sabja seeds have cooling properties and hence they help bring down the body heat. In India, some falooda vendors sell their lacha flooda drink during summer season. This drink is prepared by mixing crushed ice, sharbat and tukmaria seeds. This sweet cold drink is refreshing and has cooling properties that helps prevent from heat strokes during hot season.  I personally use falooda with bael shake because bael fruit is well known body cooling agent.

Better Digestion

Consuming falooda seeds regularly can help you get better digestive health. These seeds are fraught with carminative, laxative, soothing, cleansing and digestion boosting properties. So consume them daily to get rid of problems such as constipation, indigestion, upset stomach, flatulence, spasms, irregular bowel movements, GERD and various other stomach problems. Piles due to chronic constipation can also be relieved by consuming tukmaria seeds on regular basis. When dealing with bad heart burn or acidity, drink a mixture of sabja and a cup of milk to get instant relief. Drinking flooda with milk before bed can help treat constipation.

Skin care benefits of Sweet basil

Do you like natural ingredients for skin care? If yes, include sabja seeds into your beauty care routine. These seeds are laden with anti-inflammatory, soothing, cooling and infection fighting effects. You can with dealing with skin infection, eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems, soak some crushed sabja seeds in water, and boil them with coconut oil for a minute. Strain the mixture and use thing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial lotion topically on your skin. Moreover, oil of sweet basil is active against acne causing bacteria.

Prevent Respiratory Problems

Respiratory benefits of basil can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and anti-microbial effects. Boil ginger, basil, and honey with a glass full of water. Drink it to prevent respiratory issues like cold, influenza, bronchitis, asthma and so forth.

Sweet basil for Diabetes

Seeds of sabja are said to be effective in regulating blood sugar level and hence they are good for those who are dealing with type 2 diabetes. People with diabetes should avoid the intake of sugar as much as possible. If you want to enjoy falooda then simple mix it with unsweetened milk, add some vanilla extract and have it. You can use non diary milk like soy or almond milk as well.

Post delivery pain relief

Soak a teaspoon of tukmaria seeds in cold water for some time until you get a layer of mucilaginous jelly. Add gur (jaggery) and honey to this jelly and have it to get some relief from pain after delivery naturally.

No More Stress

Sweet basil seeds also have a calming and mood uplifting effects and hence they are used in relieving mental tension, depression and stress. Consume tukmaria on daily basis for a good mental health. Tukmaria granules are widely used in aromatherapy treatments for providing clarity and mental strength.


Memory Improvement

Omega- 3 fatty acid is essential for brain’s health and growth. Consuming omega-3 fatty acids rich food can help you get sharp memory. Sabja seeds are amazingly rich in this nutrient so, consume them regularly to increase your brain performance.

Genitourinary Problems

Sweet basil seeds are also said to be beneficial in the cure of several genitourinary issues such as bladder infection, gonorrhea etc. Soak a teaspoon of seeds in a glass of water. Add jaggery and honey ti it and have this drink to prevent genitourinary diseases.

Live with low Cholesterol

Sabja seeds are rich in digestive fibers that help lower the bad cholesterol in the body by preventing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Essential oil from sabja seeds is said to possess anti-inflammatory effects. One can use this oil to get some relief from problems like arthritis, gout, joint pain etc.

Tonic Properties of Sweet basil

Sabja seeds are loaded with tonic properties that help maintain the proper functioning of cardio vascular, circulatory, and digestive systems.  It also has vitamin K which is required by our body for maintain bone growth and cardiac health.

Top Recipes with Sabja / Tukmaria Seeds

You can create endless recipes with sweet basil seeds. Here I am gonna show you some sample recipes for your convenience.


Falooda Recipe

You can enjoy falooda with ice cream and milk to get a shot of refreshment. The recipe is simple and all you need to do is to take a ¾ glass of milk. Add a pinch of cardamom powder and about one to one and a half teaspoon of sugar into it. In another empty glass, put a scoop of ice cream and pour some rose syrup on it. Now, place water soaked tukmaria seeds over the ice cream and add milk. Add some pistas, almonds and cashew nuts pieces for garnishing and enjoy it!

Instant Body Cooling Recipe

Are you concerned about your body heat? If yes then simply soak some tukmaria seeds in water for half an hour. Now, add falooda seeds with coconut milk, pineapple or orange juice or you can add them in a glass full of rooh-afza sharbat. Add one spoon of honey and have it to pacify excessive body heat.

Refreshing Herbal Tea

Make cool herbal tea and to make this tea, boil two spoons of black tea with four cups of water. Add some fresh basil leaves while boiling. Strain the liquid and keep it in your fridge for 2 hours. Now , put juice of one lemon to that liquid. Add flooda and enjoy it. This drinking is especially good for those who are dealing with aging, low immunity and many other health related problems.

Popular Indian Names of sweet basil also known as Sabja

In , India these seeds are popular with various names like in Punjabi people call then baburi,

Dhala tulsi in Oriya language

Hazbo in Kashmiri

Babui tulsi in Bengali

Malyali people call then Tirunitru

Kukkatulas or Bhutulasi or vebudipatri In Andhra

Karandai in Tamil

Ramtulsi or Kamkasturi in Kannada language


Where to buy sabja seeds?

In India, you can buy them from supermarkets like big bazar, reliance or any nearby kirana store. People from other countries can order online.

Side Effects of Sabja/Tukmaria seeds

Although these seeds do not have any serious adverse effects however, you are advised to consult a health care provider before swallowing them, especially if you are on medication or dealing with any health related issue. Basil seeds when not mixed with enough water may cause choking especially in small kids so, be careful when giving these seeds to you small children. Also, avoid sugary drinks if you are dealing with diabetes or high blood sugar. Lastly, don’t consider it as a full fledge weight loss diet as consuming sabja and not eating other foods properly will only result in nutritional deficiency hence you should consume variety of foods like juices, fruits, vegetables and frequent light foods to get proper nutrition


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