Health Advantages of Eating Gur- benefits of jaggery over sugar

Gur Health benefits and remedies

Gur is the Hindi name of jaggery which is obtained by the evaporation and clarification process of sugarcane juice. The nutritional value of gur is due to the presence of nutrients like iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and anti-oxidants. These nutrients are required by our body for keeping various conditions and diseases at bay and to sustain optimum bodily functions.  Furthermore, this sweet ingredient also has medicinal properties and which is why it is a perfect alternative to sugar. Let us learn about the health benefits of eating jaggery or gur and we’ll also know why gur is better than sugar in short what are the pros of jaggery over sugar.

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Reasons:- why gur is better than sugar? Jaggery vs. Sugar

Both gur and sugar are sweet however; jaggery is loaded with various vitamins and minerals (approx. 60% higher mineral content), whereas sugar contains empty calories.

Gur is more satisfying than its competitor.

You can use jaggery in the alternative treatment of various ailments but on the other hand its competitor will only give your extra pounds and high sugar levels.

Gur doesn’t have chemicals and any type of bleaching agent whereas the formation process of sugar is carried out by adding various chemicals. .

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Gur is a complex carbohydrate and hence it helps keep your energy levels high.

Health Benefits or Advantages of Eating Gur (jaggrery)

You can eat this miraculous sweetener or mix it with milk and other ingredients to reap its benefits and to correct various conditions.

 Gur for Body Detoxification

One can use jiggery to remove toxins from your body. You know – constipation is one of the biggest reasons of toxin buildup. Jaggery is a good source of fiber hence it can help you in getting rid of this issue. Plus, it is also said to be a blood purifier that helps remove impurities from the blood.

Gur is good thing for Your Digestion

Eating a small piece of gur after lunch and dinner is believed to activate the digestive enzymes. These enzymes help aid the digestion. In case you have excessive gas in your stomach then chew a small piece of jiggery and a spoonful of saunf (fennel seeds). This remedy helps boost your appetite and will also help you in getting rid of excessive stomach acid production by neutralizing the stomach acids.

Have a Healthy Respiratory System

In ayurveda, gur is believed to treat variety if respiratory system related issues including sore throat, lung infection, bronchitis, silicosis induced lung damage etc. Jaggery is, often, recommended to asthmatic and those people who are suffering from allergies.

Gur for Anemia cure

Weakness and shortness of breath are two most common symptoms of low iron in the body. This low iron condition is known as iron deficiency anemia. It has several causes however it is most commonly seen in pregnant women. As you know jiggery is a good source of iron so you can eat it twice or thrice daily to get rid of iron deficiency.

No More Painful Joints

The one who suffers from joint pain only know that how much difficult it is to deal with aching joints. When dealing with this condition, use a mixture made by combining a teaspoon full of gur powder and a small piece of ginger. This remedy not only helps decrease your pain but you’ll get strong joints as well.

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Eating gur in Summur or winter—-No Problem!

Now, you can freely enjoy no matter whether it is summer or winter because jaggery is said to be beneficial against heat waves of summer and coldness of winter.

You can use imli (tamarind) syrup in summer to protect yourself from heat stroke. This is a very simple recipe and all you need is imli water and a spoonful of gur. Mix both ingredients together and drink it before going outside.

Likewise, in winter you can prepare till and gur chikki to keep yourself warm and fit during cold season. Til oil present in til seeds (sesame seeds) is said to be hot in nature and mixing them with gur will add some taste to them.

Some other health benefits of gur or jaggery

Being a good source of potassium it is beneficial for those who are dealing with high blood pressure and heart related troubles.

Presence of selenium makes it a good antioxidant rich food item.  This mineral is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system.

It also contain good amount of magnesium and calcium. Magnesium can help you acquire a great stamina, strong muscles and blood vessels, whereas calcium is essential for strong bones and and teeth.

A Good Treatment for PMS Related Pain

You can easily get rid of post or premenstrual pain by consuming a spoon full of jaggery daily.

 Commonly Used Home remedies with Gur

Gur for Cough and Cold

You can effortlessly treat cold with a mixture prepared by combining one spoon of gur powder, a cup of warm water and juice of one betel leaf. Drink it twice daily until you see some positive results. In case of cough- add a pinch of black pepper powder instead of betel leaf and have it when the mixture is warm.

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Gur helps treat Hiccups Fast

TO stop hiccups naturally with home remedy- simple have a mixture of one spoon of warm water, gur and a pinch of ginger powder.

Eating gur to treat Migraine Induce Headache

Just make a paste by combining gur, some sesame seeds and milk. Apply the resultant mixture on your forehead.

Jaggery Mask and scrub For Facial Skin Care – gur face mask recipe

You know, jaggery is a good source of skin friendly minerals and antioxidants. So, eating or applying it topically can help you get healthy, glowing and flaws free skin naturally. To use it as a face mask mix it with some fuller’s earth, honey and rose water and use it as a face mask to get rid of dull and lifeless skin. Likewise, simply take its powder on your palm, add some honey and apply it on your facial areas using gentle circular motions.

What about using Jaggery or gur for diabetes and weight loss?

Yea……we can use gur

Is the above statement right?

Absolutely no

Both sugar and jgggery have similar glycemic index. Glycemic index is simply a unit and it simply means the amount at which a particular food item releases sugar into the bloodstream. So, if you think, you can use gur in place of sugar then your thinking is absolutely wrong.


There is no doubt that jaggery is better than sugar but it is also true that it belongs to sweetener family and because it has a similar glycemic index to sugar therefore, if you want to lose some pound or you have a problem of diabetes then you should avoid or limit your sugar/gur consumption to as little as two teaspoons.

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