Drakshasava Tonic Health Benefits, Ingredients

Drakshasva is an excellent tonic that is helpful in the cure of various health related conditions including poor appetite, general weakness, anemia and weak stamina. It can be taken in case you have respiratory disorder, insomnia, jaundice, piles or hemorrhoids, intestinal worms etc.  Drakshasava is prepared by mixing various herbs and other natural stuff together. Lets us take a look on the ingredients that make drakshasava so useful.

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Drakshasava Ingredients

Draksha or Dry Grapes

Draksha is also known as dry grapes in English and in Hindi it is called manukka or kismish. Manukka is the key ingredients of drakshasava. This dry grape is known for its laxative, digestive, nervine, anti-spasmodic, rejuvenating and diuretic properties. These properties make draksh ideal for the treatment of problems like constipation, anemia, weakness, weak memory, digestion related problems and various other health related issues.

Jati (Jasminum officinale) – flowers


Jati or jasmine flower is another useful ingredient of drakshasva. Jasmine flower contains anti-cancerous, astringent and sedative properties. In ayurveda these flowers are used to treat conditions like mental worries, liver disorders, stress, abdominal pain etc. It is also said to be beneficial in promoting mental relaxation and reproductive health.


Aphordisiac properties of drakshasva come due to the presence of cloves in it. Clove helps eliminate exhaustion and weakness related symptoms. Cloves also help improve the digestion and also they are effective in getting rid of problems such as vomiting, weak digestion, flatulence, gas, acid reflux etc. They are also popular for their anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and expectorant properties,

Dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa)

It is said to be the backbone of various aristha and asavas. It acts as a fermenting agent in ayurvedic preparations.  Dhataki flowers are useful in the alternative cure of various ailments such as piles, headaches, diarrhea, urinary diseases, heart related issues and leucorrhoea.

Piper cubeba

Piper cubeba or tailed pepper or shital chini is a stimulant, expectorant, carminative and diuretic tonic.

Chandan or Sandal wood

Sandalwood is also used in the preparation of drakshasava. Chandan is known for its healing, soothing and calming properties. In ayurveda it is use to treat wide range of problems like gastric issues, abdominal pain, stress and anxiety. It also has anti-mixrobial properties and which is why it can also be used to get rid of infections.  It also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tej patta  (Cinnamomum tamala) or Indian Bay Leaf

Tej Patta or bay leaf is loaded with antibacterial, carminative, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has a decent quantity of various health friendly vitamins and minerals. It is used to treat abdominal pain, infections; weak immune system etc.

Pipali or Krishna or Long Pepper

Piper Longum Linn is a rejuvenating herb. This herb is used in treating various health disturbances such as digestive and respiratory disorders.  It also helps relieve vata and kapha doshas. Moreover, it can also be used in the cure of headache, insomnia, epilepsy, vision and heart related issues.

Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon is a spice which is widely used in ayurveda to prepare various asavas, aristhas and vatis. This super spice helps lower the high blood sugar and high cholesterol.  It has anti-infectious compounds that help fight ulcer causing bacteria known as H-pylori. It also has digestion boosting effects. Moreover, pain relieving properties of cinnamon make it an effective remedy for pain and aches.


Cardamom is use to relieve various stomach related issues like gas, bloating,indigestion, nausea, vomiting and weak digestion. It also has detoxifying properties and hence it can be used to purify the blood. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, infection fighting and aphrodisiac properties.

Drakshasava uses

Drakshasava is used for many health realted issues including





Intestinal worms

Injury and wounds

For improving strenght and immunity power



Heart related problems


For improving skin complexion

Drakshasava helps calm Vata and Pitta doshas



Mix15 ml. of drakshasava with equal quantity of water and drink it twice daily.

What are the side effects of drakshasava?

Ayurvedic experts says that drakshasava is free from side effects however, you should take it in prescribed dosage. Over use of this asava may cause loose motion and abdominal discomfort. Moreover, avoid drakshasava if you are pregnant or lactating mother. Also, do not give this asava to children under 5 years.

Is drakshasava is a good remedy for weight gain?

Drakshasava is not a weight gain formula but it helps improve your appetite and body nourishment levels, Good digestion and nourished body means you will live healthy and fit life.

What is the expiration date of drakshasava?

10 years from the date of manufacture.

As you can see drakshasava is a combination of various health friendly herbs so consume it to get all these benefits. Avoid it during pregnancy and lactation.


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