Coconut husk ash for piles treatment (fastest cure for bawaseer problem)

Coconut coir or Hair for Permanent Cure  of Piles (hemorrhoids)

There are various natural ways that you can use to treat and heal your piles problem quickly. One such remedy is to use coconut hair or coconut coir husk known as coconut husk powder. According to the ayurvedic and herbal medicine experts, using coconut husk ash for piles is an effective home remedy for piles related discomfort and symptoms. Coconut hair ash is also beneficial in treating the symptoms of fissures, fistula and bleeding piles. All, you have to do is to make an ash of coconut husk and mix it with a glass full of butter milk, that’s all. This is one of the quickest easiest and fast acting natural remedy for piles and another good thing is that it is totally free of side effects. So, if you want to get fast or instant relief from your piles or hemorrhoids related symptoms then give this remedy a try and I am sure you will definitely get rid of you problem with in 2 days.

nariyal ash for bawasir

Ayurveda says, using coconut husk ash is the safest cure for piles and hence it can also be used by people with bleeding piles and during pregnancy without and fear of side effect. Still, if you are a pregnant mother and dealing with piles or hemorrhoids then you should consult with your doctor before using coconut remedy for piles treatment.


How to Use Coconut hair or husk ash for piles treatment and cure

Many people get confused with coconut husk. Husk is outer hairy layer of coconut fruit and it is also known as coconut hair or coir which is widely used to make ropes, mats and mattresses. So, all you need to do is to remove outer hair of dried coconut and burn them until they turn in to ash.

Now, make buttermilk but combining half glass of curd or plain yogurt with half glass of water.

Finally, mix 3 gram quantity of coconut coir or hair ash (raakh or bhasm in hindi) with one glass full of unsalted buttermilk and have this drink once before breakfast, once before lunch and finally one hour before your dinner.  This remedy will solve your problem in a single day. In case if you do not get favorable results in one day then continue this remedy for two more days.

People say that using coconut for piles is one of the fastest and safest treatment for treating piles and its symptoms like bleeding, swelling , pain, itching and irritation. Being a safest piles cure it can be freely used during pregnancy and period. It is also beneficial for girls those who are suffering from white vaginal discharge and excessive bleeding your period. It is also a good remedy for frequent hiccups and vomiting due to indigestion, constipation , gas or any other abdominal issue.

Remember, it is not an instant or overnight cure for piles problem. So, you have to wait for at least 3 days to see some positive results.

How  Coconut Ash  and buttermilk Remedy helps Cure Piles ?

There are tons of benefits of using coconut husk and buttermilk remedy for piles treatment. Ash obtained by burning coconut husk or coir is said to be the best quality charcoal. Charcoal is immensely beneficial for abdominal and intestinal health. It helps remove toxins from your gut plus its diuretic properties help prevent the problem of water retention thereby prevention piles related swelling and inflammation.

Secondly, curd or buttermilk is well known for its probiotic and laxative properties that help solve and prevent the problem of hard stool or constipation.  Good bacteria  present in curd are also helpful in controlling piles symptoms by aiding digestion and easing bowel movements. So, mixing both coconut ash and buttermilk together forms a sure shot remedy for piles treatment.

Impotant thing to follow while on Coconut ash (nariyal jata )remedy for piles Treatment

The above coconut ash piles treatment will only give you favorable and long lasting result when you follow good eating and healthy lifestyle habits. Unhealthy food, lack of sleep, drinking less water, alcohol, laziness , lack of exercise are some common reason behind the problem of hemorrhoids. So, you have to avoid those foods and habits which are known to worsen the piles condition. Here are some tips that you need to follow in order to make coconut remedy more effective and to avoid piles problem in future.

Refrain your self from eating spicy, salty, oily, fried, fast and junk foods. These all foods are known to cause constipation and other serious gastro intestinal problems including piles and stomach cancer. Also, eating spicy or fatty food will result in constipation and intense burning sensation and if you are a piles sufferer then who knows better than you that what are the consequences of having hard stool during  piles problem.

You can take natural stool softeners like isabgol husk powder with milk to prevent and treat constipation. If natural laxatives are not working for you then it would be better to consult with your doctor. Your doctor will give you a high dose of laxative or any other good stool softener to ease your constipation.

Include lot of fiber rich foods in to your diet. A diet high in fiber helps prevent constipation and other  stomach problems  including weak digestion, hemorrhoids and also even wide range of stomach cancers.  Try to drink lot of water while on high fiber diet otherwise it will make your constipation even worse.

Avoid being lazy and try to be physical active as much as you can. Living sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest reasons of frequent piles problem and other health issues like constipation, weight gain and poor stomach and bodily functions.  Make a daily exercise routine  and also practice some yoga poses in order to improve your abdominal and overall health.

Stress is another main reason behind frequent piles problem and other stomach problems including lack of appetite, weak digestion and weak intestinal movements. You can take help of meditation to get rid of your mental tension. Also, you can take help of your doctor or a psychiatrist to manage your stress.

Avoid dehydration causing substances like alcohol, tea, coffee, soda  etc. Drink lot of water and other healthy fluids like coconut water, fruit juice and  lemon water to keep your body well hydrated. Lack of water is the main reason behind frequent constipation and you know that having a constipated stomach can give you  a painful problem of piles anytime. Drinking more water becomes immensely essential when you are on a high fiber diet.

There are tons of positive reviews about the benefits of using coconut husk ash for piles treatment. Now, you can also use this remedy to get rid of your piles naturally. If piles symptoms  like pain, swelling, irritation and itching are bothering you then you can ease them by using stiz bath, pain killers, topical cream or any other over the counter piles treatment options.


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