How to take use celery seeds for gout treatment

Managing Gout with Celery seeds

Gout is one of the most troublesome disease which is well known for its pain, swelling and discomfort.  If you are a gout sufferer and looking for the best natural remedy or natural medicine for gout pain relief treatment then just do one thing – go to market and buy a pack of celery seeds that’s all you will need to get rid of excess uric acid and other gout related symptoms like inflammation, pain and discomfort. According to the research, celery is way much better and effective than cherries and other natural ingredients that people use to decrease uric acid in their system. It has been scientifically proved that regular intake of celery seeds help decrease the chances of gout attacks in future. Here you will learn how to use or take celery seeds for gout treatment and pain relief. But, first let us talk about the benefits of using celery seeds for gout and how these tiny seeds are capable of curing gout and its symptoms.

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Benefits of Celery seeds for Gout Treatment  and Other Benefits of celery seeds for Gout patients

Benefits of celery seeds are many like its helps cure high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weak digestion,  water retention , flu, cold and above all it helps decrease the problem of gout and reoccurring gout attacks.

How celery helps cure gout

Celery seeds are blessed with diuretic properties that help remove the excess uric acids from the body by increasing you urine output. Taking celery seeds tea or extract is helpful in reducing the risk of gout attacks due to uric acid buildup.


These small seeds are also loaded with omega fatty acids and anti inflammatory properties that help ease gout related symptoms like pain and swelling

Another benefits of using celery seeds for gout treatment is celery is also loaded with analgesic and gastro protective properties so it is much safe option than conventional pain killers and anti inflammatory medicines.

Celery seeds helps remove AMA toxins form the joints  and these toxins are known for causing joint problems like stiffness, pain and heaviness. So, people dealing with joint problems can take consume celery seeds regularly in order to improve the movements of their joints.

Alkaline properties of celery help lower the production of uric acid thereby decreasing the amount of uric acid in your body. Less uric acid means no more gout symptoms and attacks.

Anti inflammatory, spasm reducing and analgesic effects of celery seed helps relax the joint muscles. It is another good benefits of using celery for gout pain relief.

Seeds of celery contains a good amount of antioxidants. These anti oxidants help reduce free radicals which is another plus point for gout sufferers. Moreover, these antioxidants play a key role in reducing inflammation, pain and swelling that occurs in gout and other types of arthritis.

As you know, celery is a good diuretic that helps increase your urine output. More urination may also give rise to the problem of electrolyte deficiency. There is nothing to worry about because celery is also blessed with good amounts of electrolytes . In short, celery will help keep your electrolyte balance in check.

These are some benefits of using celery seeds for gout. Now let us learn how to take  celery seeds for gout remedy.

How celery is helpful in lowering uric acid content?

According to the researchers, celery seeds are rich in luteolin that helps inhibit an enzyme that facilitates uric acid production in the body. Moreover, another research  confirmed that luteolin play a key role in protecting pancreatic cells from  uric acid damage.

Ways on How To Use Celery Seed For Gout

Uric acid Reduction tea – How to Make Celery Tea Recipe for Gout Cure

As mentioned earlier, celery is helpful in cleansing your system of uric acid buildup. Once excess uric acid is removed from your body, you will no more experience gout related troubles. Here you will have to make celery seeds tea for gout treatment. All you have to do, boil one spoon of celery seeds powder with 2 cups of water for at least 10 minutes Now, strain the liquid and have it twice or thrice daily.

Another way to use celery seeds to treat gout and decrease uric acid buildup is to use celery seeds capsules or tablets. Recommended dose of celery for gout is 500 mg twice daily. You are also advised to consult with your doctor in order to know more about celery and its dosages You doctor will fix the right dose according to your health condition, weight, age and  by considering other factors.

Note:- celery is a diuretic by nature so you are advised to drink lot of water daily. Doing this will boost up the process of uric acid removal from your body.

According to the researchers, taking black cerry and celery seeds extract combo is another sure shot remdy for gout natural trreatment.

Celery seeds for got works or not- Before and after results of using celery for gout

I was doing research about the benefits or effects of celery seeds on gout attacks and pain relief and suddenly found some good reviews of some people those who are using these seeds for uric acid control. Here are some good information regarding celery seeds and gout after results:-

Justin  (58) says

I have been using celery seeds for gout for two years and happy to say that it really works. I am taking 500 mg of celery extract and my attacks are totally under control.

Bobby (63) says

One of my friend told me about celery and now I have been using it for two and a half years now. I am taking 1200 mg per day of extract and have not had gout  attack in the last two years. Not only celery helps decrease uric acids it also lowers blood pressure.  One more thing, I eat everything except sugars.

There are may other good reviews about celery seeds for gout cure. So, as a writer and a researcher, I strongly suggest you to try celery seed remedy and let me know whether it works or not. Yes, but never ever stop your medicines and do consult with your health care provider before using this remedy.

Celery Side effects- when not to use celery seeds as  gout remedy?

Pregnant and lactating mother should never use celery seeds because some chemicals present in these seeds are known to cause uterine contractions and in rare cases it may also cause bleeding.

Avoid celery if your are allergic to it especially those people who are dealing with birch pollen allergy.

Some chemicals found in celery can make you more sensitive to sunlight. In case of increased sun sensitivity, you are advised to use a good sun screen before going out in the sun.

Please avoid using celery seeds if you are taking any medicine for blood thinning and thyroid issues. Also, avoid these seeds if you are on sedatives and water pills. Please consult with your doctor before using celery especially if you are suffering from another serious health related issue.

Celery seeds are known for its healing and medicinal properties. Now, you are ready to use these tiny seeds to relieve those big symptoms of gout. I am sure, using celery for few days will indeed give you some positive results.


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