Awesome Black salt (Kala Namak) Health benefits – Get better Digestion and Health

Black salt also known as kala namak in Hindi is a type of rock salt which is light purple or slightly pink in color. This condiment is widely used in Indian and South Asian kitchens. This salt has a pungent smell which is due to the presence of sulfur content in it. Kala namak has a very valuable reputation in ayurvedic medicine. In ayurveda, it is widely used to formulate wide variety of remedies notably for digestive issues.  Black salt has a lot of healing properties like ant-acid, anti-flatulent, carminative, laxative, adaptogenic, anti-oxidant, digestion boosting, hematogenic, fat burning and demulcent properties.

kala namak

This pinkish salt is enriched with various minerals and compounds like iron, ferrous sulfate, sodium sulfate, magnesia and so forth. Healing properties present in this salt are helpful in treating various health related problems including skin problems, anemia, obesity, toothache, hysteria , arthritis, liver diseases, hair problems, impotence and stomach issues like flatulence, cramps, excessive gas formation, bloating, acidity and abdominal distension etc.  Given below are some advantages of including black salt in your diet.

Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Kala Namak (black salt)


This salt has alkalizing effects, hence it can be used to treat acidity problem effectively. Mix equal quantity of coriander seed powder, cumin powder, fennel and black salt together. This mixture is said to have a positive effect on acidity.

Oral Health

Kala namak is loaded with healing, pain relieving and other properties that are useful in maintain good oral health. It is widely used to treat problems like toothache, bleeding gums and oral infections. Mix roasted cumin powder with black salt and rub it on your teeth and gums to relieve toothache. Another good remedy is to mix crushed garlic with a pinch of black salt and apply it on the affected tooth to get rid of discomfort.


Black rock salt is also used in teeth whitening. Some toothpaste companies use it in their formulas. It is also used to treat bad breathe, sore throat and various other oral problems. A powder prepared by combining nausadar, alum, black salt, tutia ( neela thotha) and mustard oil is a sure shot remedy for toothache and stained teeth. Rock salt and sesame oil mixture is said to be helpful in teeth strengthening.

Solve your Stomach Problems Effectively

In ayurveda, kala namak is believed to be effective in correcting various stomach related problems like weak digestion, gas, flatulence, vomiting, stomach ache, intestinal issues, liver problems, lack of appetite and abdominal distension.

Jeera Powder and Black Salt with Chaach (Buttermilk)

A mixture prepared by mixing one glass butter milk, half teaspoon roasted jeera powder and ¼ teaspoon black salt is said to be a sure shot remedy for indigestion, gassy stomach, vomiting and poor appetite. Prepare this remedy and have it twice or thrice 2-3 hours before every meal. This is also helpful in treating bad hangover and dehydration.

Black salt and Nibu Pani (lemon water)

A mixture of kala namak and lemon water is a popular remedy for dehydration, weak metabolism, gassy stomach and weak appetite. Drink this remedy once every morning to speed up your metabolism and to correct stomach issue if any. This remedy is good for people those who are concerned about their weight.

Remedies for Flatulence

Gas buildup, bloating, bleaching, abdominal pain and heaviness after meal are some common symptons of flatulence. You can cure these symptoms at home with following home remedies.

Remedy 1

Simply drink lemon water and black salt or a mixture of buttermilk, roasted cumin and kala namak.

Remedy 2

Combine one teaspoon each of roasted cumin powder, celery seeds and dried ginger (sonth ) powder. Add ¼ to half teaspoon of kala namak. Take half teaspoon of this mixture with lukewarm water twice daily.

Remedy 3

Make chutney of coriander (dhania) leaves, black salt and little lemon juice. Eat it with your food like chapatti, dal and rice.

Remedy 4

If you want to get an instant relief from flatulence then mix one pince each of dry ginger powder, hing (Asafoetida) and black salt in half glass of warm water and have it.

Anorexia Cure

Anorexia means lack of appetite or poor appetite. You can correct your appetite by mixing some simple kitchen based ingredients.

Gather these ingredients….

Five teaspoons dhaniya (coriander) seeds powder

Four teaspoons of Black pepperpowder

Two teaspoons each of black salt and aniseeds (choti saunf)

Simply, mix all the above listed powders and have half teaspoon of this mixture with water once daily.

Nausea Home Cure

Nausea is a very discomforting issue. You can get rid of this problem at home. Here are some tips for you.

Take half lemon and apply black salt and ajwain powder on it. Simply lick it and consume juice and powder to get instant relief. Another remedy is to drink lemon water mixed with black salt and jeera powder.

Say Bye to Indigestion

Mix equal quantity of coriander, dry ginger and kala namak powder. Take half spoon with water thrice daily.

Soak tamarind and supari (areca nut) in two cups of water. After some hours, crush them and strain the liquid. Add black salt, roasted jeera powder and little sugar. Fry this mixture with clarified butter and ghee and have it.

Stomach ache Relief

Causes of stomach ache are many. You can get rid of pain and discomfort by making some quick remedies. Here are top remedies for you.

Boil one teaspoon of ajwain (carom seeds)with a glass of water for few minutes. add black salt and drink it. Or, simply take two pinches of ajwain and a pinch of  black salt with lukewarm water.

Mix one teaspoon of mint (pudina) and lime juice. Add little ginger and black salt and have it.

Gastroparesis Remedy

Gastroparesis is a disease in which stomach muscles losses it normal movements which results in improper digestion and poor emptying of stomach.  Kala namak and other natural ingredients can help you get rid of this issue.

A fusion of ajwain (carom) Asafoetida (heeng) and kala namak is a good remedy for gastroparesis. You can also use these ingredients in powder form. For this, combine one tablespoon of ajwain powder with half teaspoon each of heeng and black salt. Have half teaspoon of this combination with lukewarm water.

Pleurisy and Black Salt

Pleurisy simply is inflammation of the pleura, a membrane that surrounds the lungs. It is caused by various problems like abdominal, cardiac, autoimmune and chest problems.  Ayurvedic doctors prescribe a home remedy in which black salt is the main ingredient.  You can prepare this remedy at home by combining black pepper, harad powder (Terminalia chebula), black salt, Indian rhubarb and dry ginger powder in equal quantities. Take one to one and a half teaspoon of the resultant powder daily to get relief from pleurisy.

Cough Relief

Boil five tablespoons of wheat flour and ¼ teaspoon of black salt with two glasses of water for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain and drink it to relive your cough problem.

Get Some Iron Content

You know kala namak contains iron and hence you can include it in your soups, salads and other dishes to get some iron through your diet. It is a good ingredient for those who are facing the problem of iron deficiency anemia.

Liver Diseases

Variety of liver diseases can be easily corrected with a mixture of dried ginger, black salt and dried coriander. Mix all these ingredients in equal quantity and grind them. Have half teaspoon of this powder thrice daily with water.

Black Salt Benefits for Hair

Are you dealing with hair loss and slow hair growth? If yes, include black salt in your diet. This salt is rich in various hair friendly minerals that helps promote hair growth, strengthen your locks and helps treat issues like hair fall, dandruff and split ends.  Drink a glass full of tomato juice with added black salt on daily basis to get rid of majority of hair problems and to make your hair look healthy and shiny.

Skin Care and Black Salt

Kala namak is really good for the skin as it helps solve out wide range of skin problems without causing any adverse effect. People use this salt in their bathing water to detox their body. Bathing with black salt containing water helps treat skin issues like itchy skin, inflammation, skin infections, muscles and joint pain.  This bath is a simple way to achieve rejuvenated and replenishes skin. Some people use it in foot soaks to get rid of problems such as cracked feet, swelling, sprain, athlete’s foot and pain. Scrub made by combing black salt, baking soda and olive oil is a great way to get clear and glowing skin. Mixing this salt with your daily facial cleanser will give you additional benefits.

Diabetes Management

Rock salt is known to be helpful in maintaining normal blood-glucose levels and hence it helps reduces the demand of insulin. So, we can say, this salt is quite helpful in diabetes management.

Bones Health

Kala namak is good source of bones friendly minerals like sodium and potassium. Consuming it with foods helps prevent weak bones and osteoporosis.

Muscle Spasms and Cramps

Potassium mineral is essential for the proper functioning of muscles. This mineral is present in rock salt and hence kala namak is effective in preventing muscles spasms and cramps.

Goodbye to Depression

Black salt is also helpful in dealing with depression and mental stress. This salt helps preserve two hormones one is serotonin and other one is melatonin. These two hormones help deal with stress and induce better sleep.

Which salt is better- Black salt or sea salt?

Each salt has its own pros and cons like sea salt is rich in iodine while rock salt is low in iodine content. So, we can say that sea salt it better. However, kala namak is fraught with health friendly mineral but sea salt doesn’t have these minerals so black salt wins. Black salt is blessed with medicinal properties so if you want to know overall result then kala namak is indeed better than its competitor. For maximum benefits consider mixing both salts together and use the resultant mixture for preparing your dishes.

Black Salt and Blood Pressure

Many people think that black salt is good for high blood pressure. This is not true because black salt is also loaded with decent amount of sodium content. So, you must avoid consuming too much salt if you are on low sodium diet. Actually, sendha namak is good for hypertensive patients not black salt. So, include sendha salt in your diet in order to have a normal blood pressure. Ask your doctor for more information.

These were some top benefits and medicinal uses of black salt for skin, hair and health. Consult your doctor to know more about the side effects of this wonderful salt.


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