Bibhtaki/ Baheda Powder Health Benefits


Bhibhitaki or bahera or baheda is a herb that is used in the manufacturing of various ayurvedic formulas like triphala churna. This herb is widely used in ayurveda treatment in the cure of various health related issues like anemia, asthma, digestive problems, baldness, respiratory problems etc.  This herb is very beneficial for those who want to burn their fat. This herb is also known as fat magnet because it helps remove fat cells from the body. You can use this herb to tone up your body orgargans. It is a good blood purifier and body detoxifier. Bahera is known for its laxative, diuretic, antiasthamatic, infection fighting, anti-inflammatory, fever reducing, antispasmodic and digestive properties.

benefits of baheda or bahera powder

Health Benefits of Bibhitaki or bahera

It is a laxative fruit and which is why it is widely used in various products and remedies for constipation relief.

It is useful in the treatment of various gastro intestinal problems such as ulcers, vomiting, lack of appetite, weak digestion etc.

It is useful for curing intestinal worms and piles.

Regular intake of bahera is helpful in the body cleansing.  As you know, it is diuretic and laxative in nature hence it helps eliminate waste product in the form of urine and faeces.

It helps supports the respiratory system. It is also said to be beneficial in curing various respiratory diseases like asthma, cough, bronchitis etc.

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You can take this fruit to maintain the body temperature.

It is helpful in solving various skin and hair related problems like skin infection, premature graying of hair, excessive hair fall and baldness.

It can also be used to treat excessive thirst.

It is a good eye tonic that can help you to improve your eyesight.

It is also known to improve the health of the immune system.

Regular consumption of this fruit is helpful in lowering high blood sugar, high cholesterol and hypertension.

It is also helpful in swollen and painful joints and muscles. A paste of bibhitaki powder can be applied on swollen and painful joints.

It helps support the health of the urinary tract.

Ripen baheda can be used to control diarrhea.

It also has anti-aging properties means it promotes longevity,


Remedies with Bibhitaki – How to use bhaheda for Health Problems


Infuse this herb with water and use the resultant liquid to wash your scalp and hair. Use this regularly to treat your condition.


Roast fruit pieces and chew then to get rid of asthma related symptoms.


Mix alma, haritaki and bibhitaki powder together. Take one tea spoon of this powder daily at night. Take it for seven days to get rid of constipation.

Sore Throat Relief

Mix euql quantities of date palm, kishmish, black pepper, bahera and long pepper together. Take one teaspoon of paste with one teaspoon of honey. Take it twice daily to get rid of sore throat related symptoms.

Improve your Vision

This wonderful herb can also help you in improving your eyesight. Mix about 50 grams of dhania leaves, one teaspoon of amla powder, one teaspoon of bibhitaki powder and a teaspoon of harda powder. Add kala namak or rock salt according to your taste. Eat one teaspoon of this mixture after dinner.

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A combination of bahera and brahmi is known to be useful for those who are dealing with insomnia problem.

Headache Remedy

Take equal quantity of amla, ginger powder, bark of neem, turmeric juice and bibhitaki powder. Boil this mixture with eight parts of water. Boil till the mixture reduces to one part. Mix some jiggery in this mixture and have it twice daily.

Kidney Disease

Combine three tablespoons of shilajit with one tablespoon each of amla, baheda and hadada. Have one or two pinches of this powder twice daily.

Conjunctivitis Relief

Make an eye wash by mixing ten grams each of bahera, amla and hadada. Soak this powder in water overnight. In the morning, use the strained liquid to wash your eyes.

Digestive Problems

A mixture of amla, harad and bibhitaki is useful in the natural cure of problems like indigestion, constipation, anemia and other digestive problems like acidity, abdominal pain etc. Take one teaspoon of this mixture at night before retiring at night.


These were some health benefits of bibhitaki. If you know more about bahera herb then please share it with me. Remedies of this article are retrieved from various sources so you must consult with your physician before using this herb.