Banana is a Good Fruit for Glowing and Smooth Skin

Some vitamins and minerals are required by our body to keep the skin in its healthy form. Banana contains many of them. It is a store house of several vital nutrients like vitamin A, C,B-6, niacin and minerals like magnesium, potassium etc. It has hydrating, healing, anti-aging and rejuvenating properties. This goodness makes it an excellent fruit for those who want to get smooth, glowing and younger looking skin. Eat banana regularly and use it in the form of a facial mask to keep your skin healthy and lustrous. Before moving on to banana face packs for glowing skin, let us take a look on the benefits of banana for skin care.

glowing skin with banana

Benefits of Banana in Skin Care

  • This fruit has hydrating properties so it can be used to treat dull, dry and dehydrated skin effectively.
  • It is loaded with many vitamins and minerals. So, eating 2-3 bananas daily is a good way to keep your skin well nourished and healthy.
  • Vitamin C and B-6 of banana helps maintain the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin C is helpful in oil control and free radical protection.
  • Antioxidants present in banana guard the body for the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Banana in the form of a face mask can help you in getting rid of peeling and rough skin.
  • Vitamin A is a skin repairing vitamin. Banana is loaded with this vitamin. Damaged skin can be easily repaired by using this fruit either internally or topically.
  • Zinc present in this fruit helps control oil production of the skin, thereby preventing the occurrence of acne and infection. Moreover, this fruit is also rich in lectin that helps destroy bacteria which are responsible for causing acne and pimples.
  • Vitamin A found in this fruit is said to be effective in fading dark spots and acne scars. In short, banana does help in skin whitening.

Banana Glowing Skin Masks and Recipes

Dehydrated Skin


Dehydrated skin looks dull and dry. To get rid of this issue – drink lot of water to hydrate your skin. Here are some banana recipes that one can use to make his/her skin well moisturized.

  1. The easiest recipe you can use for dry and dull skin is to simple use a mash banana. Apply it on your cleansed face. Massage for a few minutes and keep it on for 25 minutes. Finally, wash your skin with cold water.
  2. Another easy remedy is to massage your face with a mixture of banana and honey. Leave it on for some time and then wash with water. People use this mask to make their skin glowing instantly.
  3. A face mask prepared by combining banana paste, sandalwood powder, honey and lemon juice can help you achieve cleansed and radiant skin within no time. Just mix all ingredients to for a smooth paste. Slather it over your facial skin. Wait for about half an hour before washing it off. This is a good example of a cooling, soothing and moisturizing mask.
  4. If you skin is very dry then make a mask by mixing paste of one banana, one yellow part of egg, little quantity of gram flour and one or teaspoons of olive or coconut or almond oil. Apply the resultant mask on your face and allow it to sit on for about 15 minutes before rinsing.

Fair and Luminous Skin Mask

Have you been searching for a good skin lightening and moisturizing mask. If yes, then mix one banana, with some lemon juice. Apply the final mixture on your face. Keep it on for half an hour and then rinse off. Banana will keep your skin moisturized whereas lemon will make it lighter. This mask is effective in removing dark marks and blemishes.

Nourishing Recipe

Get glowing and nourished skin with a mask of mashed banana, a teaspoon of sour cream and one egg yolk. You can also add honey to this mixture. Apply the final mix on your cleansed facial skin. Let it stay on for about 25 minutes and then wash off.

Immediate Radiance

Want to get an immediate glow on your face? Just mix honey, banana and milk together and apply this smooth paste on your face. Leave it on for 20 to 25 minutes and then rinse. Use this recipe daily to make your skin well moisturized and fair.

Another good mask for the same is to use a mixture of half ripe banana, one tablespoons of yogurt, and one teaspoon of vitamin E liquid. Apply it evenly on your skin and wait for about half an hour before rinsing.

Get Even Skin Tone

Make skin evening mask by blending a cup of half cups of oats and banana in a blender. Add some orange or lime or lemon juice in this mixture. Apply the final paste on your face. Keep it on for a few minutes and then remove it with water. This is a good recipe for treating uneven skin tone, blemishes and blackheads.

Get Clear Glow

Mix banana with other natural ingredients to create some good facial scrubs for your face. These scrubs will help you get rid of dark and dead skin cells, making your skin clear, rejuvenated and radiant. Here are some combinations for you:
Mix banana with sugar.- normal skin

Combine oats, honey , milk and banana – for dry skin

Use a mixture of coconut milk, uncooked rice and banana – good for every skin type.

Mix banana with strawberries- good for oily skin

Just choose the scrub according to your skin type and apply it on your skin. Gently rub it on your skin using circular motion. Allow it to stay on for some time and then wash.

Banana peel for glowing skin

Like banana its peel is also good for facial skin care. Peel of this fruits is loaded with antioxidants, chemicals and other nutrients that help keep your skin free of blemishes like pimples, acne, dark spots etc. Eat banana with milk in the morning and rub its peel on your cleansed face for about 2-3 minutes. Wait for 10 more minutes and then wash your face with water. Doing this daily will definitely give you a glowing and flaws free skin naturally.

This is how you can achieve a beautiful glowing skin using banana. Avoid using or consuming banana if you are allergic to it also, do not forget to perform a skin patch test before using any face mask listed in this article.


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