Aspirin face mask recipes for Acne treatment Removal


You all might have heard about aspirin tablet. Yes which is used to relieve headache and prevent heart attacks because of its blood thinning properties.  Aspirin is used in sorting out lots of health related problems, but it is also said to be a great ingredient for skin care especially if you have a skin problem of acne, pimples and black or brown scars caused by acne skin condition. In this article you will know about the uses and benefits of aspirin for acne treatment and control. Moreover, you will get an exact idea on how to make and use aspirin face mask recipes for fast acne and acne scars removal . But, before making those effects acne face mask recipes using aspirin tablets let us first take a quick insight about the benefits of aspirin for pimples  and other skin issues caused by acne skin condition.

aspirin for acne scars

Benefits of using aspirin for treating acne and acne scars removal

Aspirin, an easy available tablet can do miracles for your skin health and one of them is to clear skin of acne and acne scars related pigmentation or skin discoloration problems.

Cleansing effects of aspirin helps open your clogged pores. We all know, clogged pores are known to cause the problem of pimples and acne. So, using aspirin for acne treatment is a good way to get rid of a frequent acne outbreaks.

Exfoliating effects of aspirin helps remove dead skin cells, unwanted oil and other impurities from the surface of your skin thereby keeping it free of acne and skin flaws like uneven skin tone, dark patches and so forth.

Aspirin is also loaded with skin fading effects that help remove the problem of acne scars and skin pigmentation problem caused due to acne .

There are many benefits of using aspirin for acne control and acne scars removal  because aspirin is blessed with salicylic acid which is a potent anti acne chemical. Moreover, salicylic acid  is also known for its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effects so, using aspirin for acne treatment can indeed help you in getting rid of acne and its related symptoms like infection, irritation, facial swelling and itching.

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Using aspirin is also beneficial in preventing wrinkles of face caused due to acne in some people.  Moreover, anti inflammatory properties of aspirin help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In short, by using aspirin face mask recipes for acne and acne scars one can easily get clear, clean , blemish free and flawless skin complexion.

Ways on How to Make and Use Aspirin Facial Masks for Acne , scars or marks | Acne face mask Recipes using Aspirin Tablets

Acne prone Oily Skin Face Mask Recipe to Remove Acne and unwanted Oiliness

In maximum cases people with oily skin type have to suffer from acne and other skin issues like pimples, blackheads etc. Here, you can easily use an aspirin facial mask recipe to  remove the problem of oily skin and also it will help you to deal your problem of acne. This mask will also solve your problem of acne relates symptoms like swelling, pain, redness, itching and irritation. Regular use of  aspirin mask  will effectively treat your acne problem with in few days.

Just prepare a paste of aspirin powder and water. Now, add a few drops of tea tree oil. Apply the final paste over your cleansed facial skin. Wait for about 20 minutes and then use lukewarm water to wash your face.

People with less oily skin and acne can use this mask twice a week but, if your skin is too oily then better use this facial mask recipe on an alternate day basis for one or two weeks.

Aspirin Facial Mask for People with Dry Skin Type

It is true that you can have a problem of acne regardless of your skin type . So, if your skin types is dry and you are dealing with acne and breakouts then all you need to do is make a facial recipe which can help keep your skin moisturized and also help treat your problem of reoccurring pimples.

Using aspirin with merely with water will only result in drier and irritated skin. So, you can use honey to make an excellent anti acne moisturizing recipe for your acne prone dry skin. All you have to do is simply mix powder of 6 aspirin tablet with enough honey to form a paste. You can also use a few drops of almond or jojoba oil to increase the moisturizing effect of this mask.

Now, apply the paste on your face and wait for at least 15 minutes before rinsing your face. Regular use of this  aspirin face mask  will also help remove the appearance of acne scars over time.

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Aspirin Toner for Acne Cure and Acne Scars Removal

Here is one double action recipe that will not only help cure your problem of acne and excessive oiliness but will also help demenish the appearance of acne scars and dark marks due to pimples. Moreover, aspirin facial toner is an effective remedy for facial puffiness , infection and inflammation.

To make this toner – dissolve 10 aspirin tablet on 3/4th cup of water. Now, add 4 to 5 teaspoons of normal vinegar. Keep the resultant mixture in your fridge and use this toner regularly  to get rid of acne and acne scars.

Aspirin face mask for acne review before and after result

The best way to know about the review  and results of aspirin effectiveness for acne is to use your own internet search skill  to find out the reviews of other people about aspirin face mask recipes. I am damn sure about the effectiveness of these facial masks for acne treatment. Still if you are concerned about these recipes  or you have some unclear points in your mind then you should take help from a good skin care expert or an advice from a dermatologist.

Aspirin mask to lighten acne scars (red or brown)

As mention above, aspirin is also beneficial in skin lightening so, you can use it to fade your facial acne scars. Just make a paste of aspirin and rose water and apply it on your cleansed face. Wait for a few minutes and then wash off. This remedy is notably good for those who have oily skin and acne scars.

Aspirin And Lemon Juice Skin Lightening Face Mask to Fade Acne Marks

This mask would be a sure shot remedy for acne treatment and scars removal.  As we all know, lemon is blessed with skin fading effects  that help reduce skin pigmentation thereby demenishing the problem of acne marks and uneven skin tone.

Simple mix lemon juice with aspirin tablet powder to form a fine paste. Apply this mixture to the  pigmented area of your skin. Keep it on for about 20 minutes and then wash off with plain water. Use this mask daily or whenever you want to clear you skin of oiliness, pollution and impurities.

Baking soda Aspirin Face Mask for Acne and Oily Skin Problem

You  can use baking soda and aspirin mixture to make your skin clean and clear. Exfoliating effects of baking soda will help remove impurities, dead skin cells, excessive oiliness and pollutants from the surface of your skin thereby solving your problem of clogged pores and acne.  Plus, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties of aspirin will help keep the infection and swelling in check.

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Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with powder of 10 aspirin tablets. Add, enough water to form a smooth paste. Apply the resultant mask over your cleansed facial skin. Allow it to sit for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

Aspirin and Toothpaste for Pimples Treatment  and Control

White colored toothpaste is said to be one of the fastest cures for pimples treatment. Applying toothpaste over pimple is regarded as an overnight cure for pimple.  Toothpaste has drying effects on pimples whereas aspirin helps treat the infection and inflammation. Using the mixture of toothpaste and aspirin is a great way to get rod of your acne and pimples problem.

Mix some water in aspirin powder to make a paste and mix it with an equal quantity of toothpaste. Apply the resultant paste on your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then use a wet cloth to wipe it off your face.

Hydrogen peroxide and Aspirin Mask for Acne marks

Exfoliating effects of hydrogen peroxide and aspirin will help remove the dark and dead skin from your face. Hence, applying the mixture of both of these ingredients will help reveal the inner fresh and new layer of your skin.  These both ingredients are also helpful in treating acne skin condition effectively.

Make a paste of 6 aspirin tablets and water. Now, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into it. Finally, apply the resultant paste on your face. Leave it on till it dries and then wash off.

Finally, apply fresh aloe vera gel on your face . Aloe vera will keep your skin moisturized and will also help lighten the scars caused due to acne or pimples.

Aspirin and Yogurt Facial Mask to Soothe and Heal Acne and Lighten Acne Scars

Yogurt is loaded with skin fading, healing and soothing effects while aspirin is known for its anti inflammatory and anti septic properties. Mix both these ingredients will give you an effective remedy to treat acne and remove acne scars.

Mix one teaspoon of plain unflavored yogurt or curd with enough aspirin powder to form a smooth paste.  Apply the paste to your face and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. Finally, rinse it of with normal water.

Using this mask on an alternate day basis will give you ance and scars free skin  naturally.

This was all about using aspirin face mask for acne and acne scars or marks. Try the aforementioned mask and give your review about before and after results of using aspirin for acne control or removal.